Hey everyone! It’s been a while.
My team and I recently entered the YoYo Games Competition 6, in which you design a PSP game in Game Maker.

Our entry is called …

Play it here!

In addition, if you have a GMC account, I’d really appreciate it if you could post a review on my topic there. They really help. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

stopped reading right here

Stopped reading right here.

Stopped reading right here.

(Get it? Cause I read the whole thing cause I’m not a tool who posts just to make fun of people’s accomplishments?)

But yeah I don’t own a PSP. Sorry mate.

you dont need a psp o3o

yeah but the PSP is a failure, that is why I started that joke.

I wasn’t aware that a powerful system hosting some of the most popular titles of all time could be considered a failure.

But hey, what do I know? I don’t spend my time attempting to troll forums, I just enjoy games and writing about games.

could you name me 5 of those “most popular titles of all time” on the PSP?

all i know is you can get FF8 on a psp, and thats good enough for me

…popular sure doesn’t mean good >_>

Don’t know exactly off the top of my head, but Monster Hunter alone makes a PSP a must-have. And raging anti-fanboys aside, Crisis Core and the Metal Gear Solid titles… Patapon… Lumines… GTA… But hey, it’s the cool thing to hate, right? It’s so badass and edgy to make hilarious jokes about how much of a failure it is.

Those poor saps who bought the approximately 60 million units… That’s approximately 6 times as many buyers as there are World of Warcraft players, by the way. Though I’m sure you’d be all over insulting that too.

And of course, that’s all saying nothing of its emulation and other multimedia capabilities. The thing was even applauded by Time as one of the “gotta-have gadgets” for its videos, music etc. on top of quality gaming. Mine is currently loaded with the entire library of the NES and SNES as well as a decent selection of tunes.

And popularity may not always directly coincide with quality, but things are popular for a reason.

And for the record, MH Portable alone has clocked in over 5,000 hours for me, and that’s not unusual at all. Far more than any other game by a long shot.

well if you’re going to bring emulation to the table then I may as well mention my R4’d DS, hardware emulation FTW!

as for Metal Gear portable ops and peace walker? I’d rather play Snake Eater or Guns of the Patriots, Monster Hunter Tri has thoroughly made my think that that series is a waste of time, much rather play WoW.

and as for multimedia…well thats what my ipod is for isn’t it?

I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear, but the game is also playable on a PC.

If it gets far YYG can port it as a PSP mini.

I DID read the whole thing… I just had an asshole moment. :slight_smile: