The Build: A topic for WIP projects

Are you working on a fangame? A piece of art? A desk? A computer? Literally anything?
Don’t want to dedicate a separate thread for it?
Don’t think today’s work warrants a thread bump or multipost?

This is the thread for you! Post whatever you’ve been working on today in here, big or small. It can be anything - Art, Code, Music, SFX… even something I don’t know about!


I’ll kick this off, here’s some dust particles I added a while back to Pixeltroid:


I am drawing lines and circles. Wheeee.


totally functioning boss guys

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Not made by me, but Von Richter(SR388 lead) formed a band a while ago called companion animal. They broke up but here’s a music track of theirs:

Pretty good stuff, shame there’s not more of it.


i know, super descriptive
once i get a few more things working i’ll see if i can capture a video

(and maybe some day i’ll got back and finish that board game and Slime Climb)


i done did a thing
(excuse the horrible quality, i’ve no idea how to properly set up the capture)


Dude that’s awesome!

thanks, took me ~four days
im starting to pretty it up now, tho only in very basic ways

bit of progress

i decided i dont want it 3D, so im reworking it to 2D

still working through a lot of code, but i have it mostly working 2D now


instead of being a boned mesh sphere with colliders + physics on the bones the slime is now a glob of metaballs
unfortunately im not good at shaders, so its very flat for now
the switch from 3D to 2D has also helped me locate and squish several annoying bugs, so the 2D version is working a lot better
tiles are just placeholder because i was bored with grey blocks
the goblin is obviously 112% finished, look at that pro art
i had started the minimap before the switch, so it shows up… it just doesnt do anything
once i finish porting everything over, get the minimap working, finish off a few enemy AIs… i might be able to spit out a playable demo
theres still some janky shit laying around, the camera doesnt like when you switch rooms, jumping is higher on ramps, etc etc
but, i’ll see what i can do
with Warframe getting Fortuna soon™ the hours i put into this daily will probably shrink drastically
i’ll try to keep all three people who still come here updated

welp, when i went to load up the project to get back into it i accidentally loaded up Slime Climb instead

so before the end of the year expect to see my shit game, Slime Climb, on the google play store
because i may have almost finished it


Here’s a sneak peak at AM2R’s art update!

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April fools?

Na, Shmeg is redoing all the Nintendo tips and touching up some of the original sprites to give it a more consistent art direction.

That dude is a machine. I’d be somewhat worried about how broken up those tiles look, but then again I might be biased against tiles…

They’ve been blended a touch more since.

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This isn’t really a project but I made it >_>