The best game ever

i bet everone here will say; METROID ROOOOCKS!!! but even so im gonna ask you guys :


not considering things like graphics ,evolution or gameplay, just pick a game that realy mean business!

this has got to be a hard one, because mine is among five

  1. legend of zelda: oot (an obvious choice)
  2. ogrebattle 64 (got addicted to it at a point)
  3. metroid fusion (if only it could have been longer…)
  4. fire emblem (first gba one…played at night for 5 hours)
  5. final fantasy tactics advanced (played for over 200 hours!)

1990s became a pretty impactive time for me and video games, so the later ones began to catch onto the cycle.

Illusion Of Gaia. Is there really any competition at all?

Why’s this still in general o_O

Anyway, my favorite game changes every couple of weeks, but the only games I’ve played in over a month are Devil May Cry and Guitar Hero, and Guitar Hero is the better of the two, so…

Guitar Hero.

Um, yes, there is. >_> IoG was a subpar ripoff of Secret of Mana, inferior in every way…

In any case, you just can’t beat Metroid Prime. Starcraft would probably still be my favorite if the damn game still WORKED… ;_;

X-Men Legends. <_< >_>

starcraft doesnt work for your computer? i would have to say any blizzard game is my fav =D

lol, is that a WOW player i hear?

i have wow, and played it for a couple months but i dont have the cash to continue play. my brother plays it 24/7 though. its really annoying cus he always steals all my bandwidth when im trying to play =O

lol, yeah, dungeons become a major lag for me, ever try being a priest and lagging when the team needs healing, yeah, youll get a bunch of crap over that, lol

also just to make my post revelant, i also liked resident evil 2 and 4 a whole lot.

…did i just spell revelant wrong…?

…Relevant. >_>

…i have been using revelant the whole time…havn’t i…?..yep…moor pruf that my iqu is inside tha dubble didgidets, lol

StarCraft is probably my favorite. Next up is OOT and then MP. My reasons for this are sound so don’t flame me -_-

what is oot?

ocarina of time

It’s an old A500 game that will make you hate dragons and ratmen.

Best. Game. Ever.

super mario 64 metroid prime oot super smash bros melle metroid prime 2 super mario world metroid 1,2 super fusion mzm link 2 the past…
GAMING OVERLOAD…cant decide :mrgreen:

best game is…
probably Zelda:Twilight Princess(I’ve been waiting for that game for…2 years
:sweat: )

Big Rigs.

Played that for a while (3 years)…
Guild Wars!!!1111111111!11!1!111!
Still playing that (2 years)!!
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.
Let’s hope no one notices Metroid Prime isn’t on my list shall we?