the best engine for create a game of metroid?

which is the best program to create a game of metroid? what it is TGF?where I obtain?

I would say in my opinion that the best engine to make Metroid
games is TGF or MMF. TGF is short for The Games Factory, you
can download it HERE.

Yeah, but TGF costs money. However, it is excellant at making metroid, or any other game for that matter. :slight_smile:

There are ways around the cost. Contact me for details.

I have a lot against the company, so I have no qualms about doing that. XD

To tell you the truth…
I used a TGF Pro Serial to get it, instead of buying it. Contact me if you want it. :unamused:

Holy crap! Daz is assisting an illegal downloading conspiracy! Not like I design games anyway. winks

Well, I’d prefer GM, its free, and its pretty good.

No, I’m not. The download is free. All I’m doing is saying a string of ‘random’ letters and numbers. :wink:

but not is more limited?I need very very of the file to TGF professional.who help me?

… You know, this is an English-speaking board. I don’t know what language that is, but it’s not using syntax I’ve ever seen.

You’ve seen it now. And I still think you’re a conspiracy. MP2:E said that TGF costs money though. :confused:

Yep, TGF costs $30.00 and TGF Pro costs $50.00. :O_O: Like I said though I know a way around the price. :unamused:

If only someone knew a way around the price for Macromedia Flash Movie Maker… :angry:

Illegal downloading. Not that I’d ever use it.

Enough, guys. This is getting too close to illegal material distribution to go on.

You can lock it if you really think so Daz…

It still might have its uses.