The art of Recker

Hmm well I thought i’d make an art topic since I don’t have one, I dont really have anything to post yet I might make a quick pic then upload it, as i’m at tafe(college) and I should be doing my work…

shouldve had content first

Like I said im at college otherwise I would have posted…

I’ve only got one set of sprites on me and I don’t want to post them cause i’m using them for my metroid game and they are top-down and you will all say it has pillow shading and sucks.

Well, that is better than leaving them that way. That will encourage you to improve on specific things and make them better! :smiley:

They are done like that for a reason, since it is a top down game, I really couldnt be bothered making heaps of different sprites for all the rotations of not only her but all the other characters and enemies and stuff.

oh c’mon, I’m curious :wink:

Alright here is is, Variasuit and Fusionsuit (powersuit version) ignore the arm cannon thats a different sprite.

Here is a demo video of the game if your interested…


very nice :3

Hmmm, Thankas.

Image got screwed, but I saw it beforehand.

It looked good. Very good.

Indeed. Very nice, that game looks good :]


It looks quite light and decontrasted for something Metroid imo.

Yeah, but you get that… Im gonna use zero mission and fusion tiles, maybe edited ones…