The art of Bomb Jumping

I really don’t know where to put this but if you are gonna make a fangame i suggest you listen up.
There are countless fangames where they allow you to drop as many bombs as you want. Why is this bad/good? Here it is:
Allowing unnecessary bomb jumping allows the player to exploit the game in ways not even the creator wants it to. This applies to the official Metroid games also. Some official games dosen’t allow you to do more than one bomb jump but this usually isn’t the case. So if you wanna exploit the game here it is:
1.) Normal double-bomb jump:
First Bomb: Plant on the ground
Second bomb: Plant right before first bomb explodes
Third bomb: Plant at height of first bomb’s jump

2.) Unlimited bomb jump
According to others this works with SM and ZM but not with others
Repeat double bomb jump
Fourth bomb: Plant right before third bomb explodes
Fifth bomb: Plant at height of third bomb

3.) Imperfect gravity bomb jump
For fan games with imperfect gravity (and maker did not have multiple bomb jumps in mind)
First bomb: Plant on ground (same)
Second bomb: Plant right above first bomb
Third bomb: Plant at height of first bomb’s jump
Congratulations! You did it!

4.) Imperfect gravity infinite bomb jump
Repeat Imperfect gravity bomb jump
Fourth bomb: Plant right above third bomb
Fifth bomb: Plant at height of the third bomb’s jump

5.) P2D 2.02b unlimited bomb jump
Much harder to do.
First bomb: Plant on the ground (yawn)
Second bomb: Plant right before first bomb explodes
Third bomb: Plant at height of the first bomb’s jump
Fourth bomb: Plant right above second bomb (after you get exploded up by the second bomb)
Fifth bomb: Right above third bomb

6.) P2D 2.03b higher bomb jump
You CANNOT do this on 2.03a because the you drop too fast in Morph Ball
First bomb: Plant on ground (yes, again)
Second bomb: Plant right after first bomb
Third bomb: Plant at height of first bomb’s jump

…what’s your point?
That P2D’s bombs aren’t well-timed?

Yeah, I discovered ibj in P2D a while ago, and also your number 3… I think. The general idea of what I think you mean with number 3 is that if the speed the bombs apply to Samus is relative, the closer together you lay the last two bombs in a dbj, the higher you’ll go. In P2D, you can manage this with just three pairs of keys (pressed very closely together):
Jump + down
… (wait until you’re close to the ground)
Bomb + up
Jump + down

If you do the timing correctly, you’ll hit the bomb right as you do the final morph and fly up really high, without the need of an ibj. All ibj is useful for is getting above the ceiling (in the current demo, at least).

And anyway, DF said his bomb timings are now exactly the same as in Metroid Prime, so no need to worry about ibj at least. And I’m pretty sure he set the speed they apply to Samus as not relative, too.

Edit: I was planning once to write an essay on the different ways to go about making bomb jumping, with equations for finding what timings you should use for each style depending on the gravity you use and the speed they give you. Think I should do this, just to help out future fangame-makers?

No i am not saying they are not well timed. They are in fact more better timed than anyone would think. I was really surprised that they added the little detail like the fact that the second bomb on the bomb jump propelled you less far. I rather you not write the essay. I find it fun to find secret worlds by exploiting the unlimited Bomb Jump trick :wink:

how do ppl figure about p2d bombs bofore the update is released? =(
i want to test it out.

Funny you should say that, because M2 and ZM have it, as does the MP2 demo, and I think SM…

Yes SM does have it, but the only ones that doesn’t have it are M1 and Fusion just 3 bomb.

Is there a art of Sequence Breaking in M:ZM? Because I can do that. Using vertical bomb jump.

…Is there an art of mistakes in a painting? Because I can do that. Using horizontal sight.

Seriously, your post doesn’t make much sense. I think you meant to ask if there were any sequence-breaks in ZM, not an art of them. And yes, there are. Mostly intentional. This includes the infinite bomb jump as one of the SB tricks.

I’ve done Sequence Breaks in ZM. I was asking if it can be an art.

not to mini-mod but bumping = Dazzy smites you. After looking through M2k2 I found that they have a section for 3BJ and a bomb trick that propels you farther than a 3bj. I don’t want to steal so check it out:

Interesting…I must try it!

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