The adventure of Dylof

Who should the name of the main carecter be?

  • 1.bobash
  • 2.chagi
  • 3.boba
  • 4.bobalon
  • 5.Nero
  • 6.Zeno
  • 7.Thanatos
  • 8.Nash
  • 9.Dylof (pronounced ‘DIE LAWF’)
  • 10.Giddor
  • 11.Nathanel
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Vote in this topic for my game! im not going to vote myself, tough. whatever i will vote. just beacuse i vote for one doesent mean that is the one; its your choice! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow you actually made one…

chagi…the rest sound increadibly stupid.

i think they sound cool…

they sound like they were lord of the rings/star wars names rip offs that were changed to a 7 year olds appeal.

Dylof is in the lead! :slight_smile:

nero…that’d be good…sounds like the gundam “neros”

dylof is good to me :slight_smile:

i need about over 50 total votes, and we will se whats going to be the name…

chagi is the screenname of someone at Project Jenova forums, they might think you stole it.

It’s really that hard to choose a name other than Mike? >_>

Yes,yes it is…

i dont like any of 'em. There all to lord of the rings-ish. It doesnt need to be like
Rohogandrindof(actually thats would be funny). u should just do something like…
francois :smiley:

…uh ya…uncommon…

Dude, that’s me…


bump ya…just to remind you this topic isnt dead. i need it to the top for more votes! :smiley:

List of Fantasy Names

I just found this the other day. It might be useful.

HOLY S**T!!! thats allot!

dammit stop making me double post! anyways: COME ON PEOPLE VOTE!