The adventure of dylof

I’ve planed to make a game, wich will (i hope) be good!

the main caracter is named mike heres the Storyline:

A long time ago, in the medieval times, there was a kingdom Represented with 3 pieces; a circle a triangle and a square. Each off them represented doom, hope and power. If they have been put together, a sword would appear. Not just a normal sword, a sword of power. It was the weapon of power. There where put together before, but nothing has happened; only a hand of a true hero could do it. On a peaceful day, the villagers were out including mike (our main character) and mike?s father, who was a knight. Suddenly an arrow of fire pop out of nowhere, and landed. Right after several more came! The villager?s screamed went in there houses as a whole bunch of enemy soldiers came! Plenty of houses were on fire. Mike?s father knew exactly why they have came: they wanted the pieces. Suddenly other knights came to protect the pieces, including mike?s father! After the bloody war, everybody was dead. Except for 5 people, Mike, the enemy?s leader and the soldiers. They went up to the pieces each of them tried to put them together, nothing happened. The leader was so mad, he told the soldiers to hide the pieces across the world. Once the soldiers and the leader was gone, mike (who was only 9 years old) knew where to go: To another kingdom and get trained and ready to get the pieces back. He did 5 years of training know he?s ready, to make them pay, and pay they will.

i wrote it by myself amazing isnt it? :smiley:>

il give some more info later…

here’s a image of the main caracter(work in progress)

im taiking suggestions for a different name! tell me what you suggest! :stuck_out_tongue:

so what do you think? :wink:

You need to have some skills, not just a stoyline to post a topic, and a demo or full game is needed too.

Well, ive thought of making this 2 weeks ago…
^read that…

OK. il edit my post.

You still might need a game though, not sure. You keep on working on the sprite thing, it’s pretty good.

just a suggestion… mike!!!

i dont like that name at all…

i didnt knew what name i should do. i was watching tv and there was a mike and ike cemercial…and…thats were i got it. i know it sounds weird. Just tell me if you have any suggestions for names. thanks!

suggestion number 1…

NOT MIKE!!! lol

ok. made it not mike but needs to still change… anybody have suggestions?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr. Bob the 3rd XD

oh hahahahahaha im holding my sides your not funny.

anyways try a character who isnt the main character from a game.

ok im putting that now but im serious, i need a real name! thank you. Btw what the hell is xd?

its a face like =D except with his eyes like he’s knocked out…

hence, XD

anyway, you should name him by an uncommon name. usually, common names used in midievil games arent that appealing.

hmmmm…OK! thanks. i will think off an uncommon name, but im still talking suggestions! :smiley:

Uncommon name… Bobash?

OK, that might be the name, but i need nore suggestions! :smiley:



I like it!

actually chagi would work really well…

i made of list that might be th name:


and i need more.