Terry Chiavo

Dont spam here please. This is about Terry Chiavo... I think it is a sad sad story. She is dying as we speak from no food and water because they took her feeding tube out of her. If certian powers dont act now she will probably die, however they are being held back by her Husband and a Lawyer, they are deadlocked inside the system. What side of this lawsuit our you on. Say whatever you want to on this Good Friday.

I’ve known about this for a while. Didn’t her family want the feeding tube removed, because her existence as she was was crappy anyway?

No. her Husband wanted it removed.

After seeing what happened to this same topic on the SCu boards, I am keeping a close watch on this and remaining nuetral. Step over the bounds one tiny bit and it’s a warning. This is a flame war waiting to happen unless you all are mature, which I know many of you are.(which is more than I can say about lots of other people at SCU)

Just keep that in mind, please.

This is truly a sad case and what’s even worse is that the Supreme Court said they won’t hear the appeal to keep the tube in.

I do think though it was right for the Supreme Court to not get involved in this since it’s considered a persona affair. However I don’t agree with the husband wanting his wife to die. If he loved her, he’d be doing whatever he can to cure her and keep her from dying untimely.

On the otherside, she really is suffering. Maybe putting her out of her misery is a good thing and this is what the husband thinks too. However, her family, who pretty much raised her from birth until her marriage, wants her to live. I think that should overpower her husband wishes and they should keep the tube in.

Honestly dispite what I said, I think they should just keep the tube in and let her die naturally rather than forcing her to die early. Who knows? There could be a way to save her that’ll come up soon. With that said, that’s my view. Flame me do whatever you want, but I won’t respond back and defend myself if you do decide to scorn me. I don’t think I said anything offensive (and I tried not to if I did). I’ve said what I said and that’s that.

Your right. To just add to what you said. the family wanted to give her the Catholic Sacrement of Last Rites. This Sacrement is for people who are about to die and the church acclongizes this. However the Husband would not allow this to happen because the Sacrement calls for the recipent to take a host and drink the wine. This is considered food and drink. Because the host is unleavened bread and the wine is well its wine. So he wont let this Sacrement take place because she would be recieving two unnourishing food items not enough food and drink to support an small animal for long. I dont think this is very offnsive i`m just stating the facts.

Am I mistaken in thinking euthanasia is illegal?

Wow. This is a nice change from the GameFAQs boards. They argue irrationally over there about this issue. All I practically see there is flames. You guys are more mature in a discussion.

As for my view, I know that Michael Schiavo is hiding something, which is why he wants her to die. He abused her, and he very well could’ve caused this to happen. Just the other day he went into Terri’s room in the hospice and kicked everyone out. After he left, the nurse hurried into the room and found that Terri was screaming, flailing her arms, and sweating profusely. They found that she was overdosed with insulin, and they found the needle used for injecting hidden in the trash can.

He really wants her dead. He’s mad at the government for the decision of inserting the feeding tube back in, and he doesn’t want the the church to pray over her in that Catholic Sacrament thing, because he’s doesn’t want her to drink or eat, and he’s afraid it might miraculously heal her.

If Terri recovered, and had the memory of what happened to her, she would say, “This man did this to me. points at Michael Schiavo” Not quite perfectly like that, but you get the drift. Michael’s afraid of that.

Also, they said that this whole thing would be resolved if Terri could say these words, “I want to live”. Terri then said “AHHHH” (as in “I”), then she said, “WHAAAA” (as in “want”), but she got aggravated at the last words and stopped there. Some may think that she wanted to say “I want to die.”, or that it was an involuntary reaction (pfft), but I think she wanted to say, “I want to live.”

Anyway, this is my view.

Hmmm… Well she was allowed to recieve the Sacrment. Her tounge was too dry to eat the bread but, she was able to drink a drop of wine. A minor victory in manys eyes.

If they want to put her out of her misery, they should do it via an injection, not from dehydration.

Exactly. If they did that to Scott Peterson, there would be many riots.

Also, who cares if she is in a persistant vegetatiated state? She is still a human being who never did anything wrong.

Apparently, her husband, as he wants her dead.

She’s gone 8 days without food or water. This in itself is unconstitutional. We would not do something of this magnitude to a wanted criminal; we would not even do this to a cat or dog. I’m not sure what the Supreme Court is thinking, but if Terry HAS to die, if it is to please these communist pigs (At least that’s how they’re acting), then it should at least be by lethal injection, not starvation. We as humans are not savages.

I’m afraid that perhaps by the time Congress decides to allow her to be fed, it’ll be too late. Michael (edit: Schiavo) will have accomplished his task and whatever secret he’s so desperately hiding will die with her. :cry:

Its over. Im afraid to say, the parents have refrained from any legal action to save Terrys life. However, Micheal Shiavo has agreed to let her body be autospied after she dies. So, if there is any Physical proof on or in Terry Shiavo that he put her into this state then there might be hope. For him to go to jail. Which sadly wont save her life…

Hey! I`m a sheegoth… :clap:

That means either Michael Schiavo didn’t do anything, or is just confident they won’t find anything.
And Ghe-Dust: It’s spelled S-c-h-i-a-v-o.

Its been 15 years youd be confident too… but we can always hope… and I always will.

I meant confident that the autopsy people wouldn’t find any traces of some illegal chemical or something.

Thats what I`m talking about… some illegal chemical might have left her system by now.

Well she finally died a few minutes ago. It’s sad that they couldn’t save her, but in a way she’s gone to a better place.