48 hours, 5 people (really 2, the rest did next to nothing)

awwww yeah

Let me guess… you’re one of the people that did next to nothing?

nope, i’d be the one that did all the sprites and half the code

Lies… I can see through your cleverly crafted shroud of untruth! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I tried your game. It’s really easy if you just press whichever becomes “enabled” immediately. Basically just spam W, E, R and you’re good.

Apparently I don’t have a compatible Direct3D card. Otherwise I would’ve played it by now. Title screen looks nice, though.

what do you have phlakes?

Dunno, but it’s a laptop.

yeah, didnt have time to balance it perfectly

before you could play for about 5 seconds before losing tho xD