Temporary replacement admin alert!

As you may have noticed from my location, I am currently in Spain. As you may have noticed from my lack of activity lately, I can’t be on reliably at all.

Seeing as I’m the primary admin, this poses a bit of a problem for those who need administrative help, since Destroyer F doesn’t seem to be very active either lately.

Therefore, I’ve put Troid92 in my place for now. I shall return fully sometime mid-June or July. In the meantime, please redirect any unfulfilled administrative requests to Troid.


You weren’t in IRC, so Daz figured it’d be easier to make it Troid >_>;

why didn’t you make me temporary admin? =/

at any rate, troid doesnt seem to be on as often recently, either… it might just be me but it seems apperant…

Hey Troid, now’s your chance to make the admins pink! Do it do it do it do it do it…



You have such great idea’s, 072 :smiling_imp:


EDIT: Not looking so manly yourself, DF. <_<

Wait, what? Did DF just beat me to it?

Pft, your pink is more gay >_>

edit No, I made 072 pink

Ah, okay. I thought he did that.

I can’t, apparently.

Ok, make P2D Team green now plz >:3

Congradulations on the temp. admin position, make sure the forum doesn’t fall into hell! Also, can i plz hve a costom member rank, leik p2d’se best frend or somthin?

make normal people rainbow =3

072, I dunno if that was seriuos or in jest, but it?s not that I don?t trust you or something–but it?s a big responsibility, and I needed someone on IRC so I could ask if they were up to it, as I was only on for a few minutes and couldn?t wait for a PM reply. Sorry. :3

Yeah, I was just kidding. (Maybe I should use ‘<_<’ more?)

So everyone is expecting troid to be a big push over?

that was mean.