Techno Music

Do you guys like techno? I enjoy listening to it as background music as well as listening while not multitasking. Currently I enjoy daft punk, infected mushroom, and I heard DJ Tiestro is good too.

Basically, the sounds and the rythm of the songs are really enjoyable to listen to, even if they do run on a little long, such as Daft Punk’s “Around the World.” I think it’s about 6-7 minutes.

I found these cool links on youtube:–Nw

also this one parodies it too :smiley:

double time
I find that one pretty damn impressive.

Also, I like Daft Punk and Weezer =D

6x but i think its fake

Bah, but after a certain point, the song starts to sound dumb =(

lol ya…

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lol, cool.
Thought of another techno band thing that’s pretty awesome. Anyone heard of Lemon Jelly?
It’s not the most techno song by them, but go check out “Nice Weather for Ducks” XD It’s become a lan party tradition for my group of friends…

i like the song but i agree, it does not have a LOT of techno aspects is one of my favorite songs. just found the first one up on the list so don’t mind the picture
Instant win.

Awesome, Tim XD Faved.
…hah, pomegranate, that one’s pretty awesome, too. Also faved =3

despite your opinion, i do not think they’re as good as the original respective songs seperately :3

Come on. I lnow you all love euro disco. I saw it on TV so it must be true. :wink:

if anyone cares, i make some good techno…(not midis)

Here’s several of my favorite techno artists.

Plus Baracuda, BassHunter, Daft Punk, so on…

You listen to good music.

hell yeah daft punk

Techno is one of my favorite genres. Too bad I don’t have any “actual” music, though.

Most of the music I listen to is just soundtracks from games and remixes of them. Of course, if you find the right song, it’s awesome. =D

the only real song i like of basshunter is dota :stuck_out_tongue:

it seems that overall basshunter uses the same beat for ALL of his songs (like with different words though)