Syntax Man's artstufffs

. . . waddya think?

What to say… what to say.

Well, it looks good, nothing looks bad atleast. It also has pretty good form.

I’d love to see it colored though.

ya that’s sorta my next project. Although that was never my intention my scanners bein a bitch and won’t completely load my shading the real thing looks much more. . . impressive.

we have a dead thing (un-dead really but … meh)

have the shield offset to the body by a little, right now it looks like some wierd tabard or coat at first glance. the shield looks unnatural as it is now.

you should probably restart your undead thing.move theshield a bit so you can see the body, make the shield smaller and the shape and eyes of the skull feel awkward

Ya I noticed that about a half a day ago. I am now working on something. . .more specifically a drawing(duh) an of another un-dead thingamabob.