Symphony of Samus?

Ok I bought Symphony of Samus (all the music from M to MP:H) 3 weeks ago from SCU. And today it hasn’t came. So I’m getting worried here. Is Andrew Mills occupied or is the shipping very slow?

I think that’s something you should talk with Mills about instead of asking a forum that isn’t even his. :unamused:

My stuff took a little over two months to arrive, if that helps at all <_<

Thanks that helped a bunch! No seriously now I know that he just uses very slow shipping and he didn’t cross me! Now I’m going to wonder why he didn’t activate my account for SCU forums…

man i asked for one a month ago and its still not activated >_> <_< <_> >_< >>_ _<<

same here

That’s strange…I got mine after about a week. Don’t worry, it’ll arrive soon. Till then, go check out OCRemix.