Symphony of Samus

Well, today the Symphony of Samus finally arrived for me - it’s awesome. I have all the tunes in the metroid series right at my fingertips. WOOHOO! listens to MP2’s title theme again

Anyone else order it/have it yet?

For those of you who don’t know, Symphony of Samus is a music CD produced by SCU - you can buy one on the site.

Ooooh, sounds great! :smiley:

I ordered Metroid in Motion 0-02 and the “HTML” t-shirt a few days ago with my Christmas money. I didn’t order Symphony of Samus because I already have almost every Metroid song… But I desperately need it because of about three or four songs that are missing from my collection. And I want all those remixes, so I don’t have to search for them on VGmix and OCR and feel guilty getting them for free. So I might buy it sometime.

troid92, i know is terminant off the laws of the forum but can you give me the link of metroid prime 2 echoes soundtrack? by mp offcourse, since you said that have almost every metroid sound, i being trying to find this in a long time

Nice, does that also contain Metroid Metal ?

hehehe. Here in canada, downloading songs is FREEEEEEEEE!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

im so jealous!! (cant you gimme a link?)

Umm, it’s free everywhere else… They just dont enforce the law as much in Canada.

Lucky for us. :smiley:

Nice, Metroid in Motion is the DVD with speed runs and concept art, right?

Speed Runs, Sequence breaking, etc.

It does, it does indeed!

It’s got every remix in existance. Metroid Metal, relics of the Chozo, VGmix…


collapses and holds up lighter

heh, trogdor reference… yis.

I should/will probably get Symphony of Samus.

Alright then I’m seriously gonna buy it

Yeah. Can you get it on Ebay?

Could you get an evil geniouses master plans for a super destructive space station that would be used to gain world domination on ebay?!?!?!?!

probably not. BUT…
crap, no symphony of samus on ebay. 4000 some for symphony, 300 some for samus, and 2 for metroid soundtracks. No symphony of samus.

crap. cuz i want that thing

Er… why can’t you just buy it off SCU?

They deliver anywhere…

I’ll wait til it’s on ebay. Ebay is super cheap.

how much is it?



I don’t know, I’m from Canada, so I don’t know all this european(spell) crap.