Personally, I believe in things ghost or poltergeist related, Such as EVP, Orbs showing on cameras, contact to the dead, physical manifestation, etc. I would also consider myself as a believer in demonic posession, demonic manifestation, and things like that. Other than that, there is nothing truly supernatural in my mind.

I don’t believe in anything like that. To me, it doesn’t seem possible or practical to have beings or forces with strengths and abilities that manage to break the unbreakable laws of physics in this universe. IMO ideas of supernatural creatures and forces result from the powerful imagination of the human brain, and our tendency to try to explain things we don’t understand with very random ideas.

Of course, that’s just what I think.

I believe in ghosts, poltergeists(sp?), possesion, but most deffinately not vampires, or the undead.

I believe in the apparitions of the energies left over by the human mind. (a.ka ghosts) But yes, I don’t think it practical for undead beings and such.

I’m about the same. I believe Poltergeists are ghost who take physical manifestation and intend to inflict pain, for those of you who (no one in particular. just throwing it out there.) do not know what a poltergeist is.

I believe in the Undead. Not Vampires, though. Skeletons and corpses can come to life at any second, so nuts to you if you’re not prepared!

But really, half of my soul is dedicated to the Supernatural. Spirits, Extraterestrials (Shut up, I know when I make typos), and Psychic powers.

I, infact, have minor Psychic abilities myself. Very, very minor. Really, all I can do is see stuff in my dreams…but just stupid stuff like a white car driving by or something.

And every chance I get, I try and prove that there is a damn UFO hovering over Vegas…

Hey, it seems like we have a bit in common! Also, if half of your soul is dedicated to the supernatural, then you should watch that show on the WB. It’s name is Supernatural! Of course, it’s fiction, but they do use real ghost hunting tactics in it. It’s pretty interesting. It’s also has a lot of suspense in it. It’s on Tuesdays at nine for Pacific time people.

Hey, my favourite show is creepy Canada. It has all the greatest Canadian ghosts.

I do watch Supernatural. I’m glad someone finally came up with a good show about it @_@ I also watch Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi.

I have one thing to say and one thing only. You rock!

Anyone who believes in that supernatural crap should get their head checked. (hides voodoo doll)

Aliens are NOT supernatural. They obviously exist. I find it impossible for our planet to be the only one in the entire existing…existance to support life.

Oh shut up, you know what I meant.



If you knew what I meant…then…STOP READING MY THOUGHTS ;_;

Reading thoughts is… SUPER NATURaL!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I know a dude, he read’s my thoughts all of the time. It’s very annoying. Or maybe he just knows the only thing I think about all day… Goes back to the P2D website

I believe in the supernatural… Technically, it isn’t SUPER at all, just natural. I know what you mean by the dream thing. My power is truesight. I can see things that other people can’t, not like the kid from Sixth Sense though… I have my 3rd eye always at least open a crack.

I am also a science freak, and a die - hard sceptic. I wouldn’t believe any of this if I hadn’t experienced it first-hand.

The only really big prediction I ever made was when I was 7. I saw a vision of the T.V. (oddly enough). There was a big murder trial happening, but I didn’t realize the importance of the murderer’s name until I had him in 7th grade math… Really freaky, he was still only 13. He fit the description of the killer, but in a 13 year old kind of way. I made very sure to become his best friend for the few months he was there. I think he got sent to juvinile hall for something, but I haven’t seen him since.

I can’t see spirits, but I can see people’s pasts, emotinal states, auras, and sometimes futures, but I can’t see futures that often, and they rarely ever mean anything. I can sense people’s presences, and even hide my own. My mother thinks I’m part ninja or indian(lol).

Sometimes, I don’t like being that perceptive though. When someone is extremely sad or angry or upset, it makes me physically ill.

I thought that maybe because I could do these things, I would be able to bend spoons and other stereotypical things, but don’t make my mistake. I couldn’t even make the spoon bend an inch, but I was burned out for days… I can do it now, but it takes hours, and I can’t think for quite some time after.

Anyway, go ahead and take what you see for face value. If you believe me, great, if you don’t, that’s great too.

I will be back to explain all the other supernatural stuff, and even the source of psychic powers, just ask!

I have had so many deja vus in my time that you can’t imagine how wierd it is. One time, I got into bed (I was pissed at someting that happened) and I punched the wall next to me (my bed is stradling the wall). I took my fist away and noticed a mark which I’m pretty sure was just made by my fist. But I suddenly remember hitting the same spot on the same wall and looking to see if I left a mark. And I did. Strange, huh?

I have Deja Vus ALL OF THE TIME!!! I hate it because no one ever cares when I say it just happened.

Same here, and it really bugs me.

They say when that happens, it might be that when you look at something, you see the image but a split second later, the image gets to your mind. So you see the image in your mind a split second later. It’s like seeing the same thing twice. It’s like seeing the same thing twice. Lol. That’s what causes the familiarity.(Image to brain delayed because of something. I don’t know what :sweat: )

Yeah, and it really bugs me.

…Omg @_@

So basicly, if you get Deja Vues a lot, it means you’re mind is slow making you retarded. Lol jk.
EDIT: I think there’s a black guy in my basement. :sweat: