Super Smash bros vids

So yeah, I havent been on the forum for quite a long time. I’ve been spending the majority of my pre-P2D time on Brawlcentral, a super smash bros brawl website. I decided to participate in the second brawlcentral tournament, and (not to my suprise), I won the southeast division of 32 brawlers, and I’ve made it to the final 8.

I’m somewhere at the level of proffesional brawler. I’ve uploaded some of my videos to Youtube for others to watch.

Does anyone else do anything similar? Have any vids to share?

  1. You’re black, aren’t you? >_>
  2. Hahahahaha, Pit isn’t even remotely fair.

QFT. Definitely. Red, you look like a good player. Wouldn’t mind taking you on sometime, except I can guarantee that lag would screw one of us over.

Me personally, I’m a Samus person. Especially Zero Suit. Fox is second only to Samus, for sure. Those are my two favorites, and not surprising at all, they are from my favorite Nintendo franchises.


in person, not online.
Heh… it would be a frickin’ awesome fight, though.

LMAO yes, I’m assuming you guess by my youtube favorites.

Lol, I love Pit because he counters anyone who’s Metaknight (my main)'s weakness.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the rules during tourneys, but I honestly like playing like that. I don’t mind other stages, but Items really annoy me if we’re playing one on one.

I dunno, I find that Pit and Meta have similar weakneses… sure, Pit has a fairly good ranged attack, but they’re both fast and light and lack killing power.

Unless you’re fighting a dumbass Samus who keeps firing fully charged shots into your Mirror Shield. <__<;; Happens to me a lot more often than you’d think…

What? I’ve almost never seen Final Destination tourney matches. Usually, it’s chosen by the players… and then the matches are best 2 out of 3.
Or at least that’s what I’ve usually seen.

Yeah, you’re definetly right, I use Wolf, Bowser, Dedede, and Snake as alternate mains to counter characters with an edge over Metaknight.
I havent’ managed to find an counter for snake though. Good snake players are hard to beat. >_>

BTW I made it to the finals of the Brawlcentral tournament.

I’m facing Yonex, an INSANE ZSS player. I’ve managed to beat him once, but he’s beat my alot more than I’ve beaten him. If I use Metaknight, I’m unlikely to win, but I think I’ve found the counters for ZSS.

“Good snake players” ← Is such a thing possible? I find Snake REALLY terrible to use.

And no, I could tell just by 2 of the songs you chose for your vids. They didn’t sound like you were a white wannabe gangster, so I went with the other option.

Oh, yeah. Snake can be awesome. I find the mix of projectiles, the down-B detonator thing, and the down-A mine to be…

Well, fun to use and annoying as hell for enemies. His close range stuff isn’t as good, but he can keep people away from him if a good player is using him.

Hell, Snake can be freaking BEASTLY if you use his smashes jsut right. Time an up-smash perfectly and lure an enemy under it, or use his side smashes to send people zoom. Lay mines while they’re paying attention to something else. Learn the timing on grenades. Use his running A tackle for a quick, high-knockback attack.

And once you DO kill someone, you use The Box.

You instantly win the game for that. >_>

Snake is actually the highest Tier character and has won the most tournaments.

Not to mention he’s BROKEN. He has ALOT of kill moves which kill at ludicrous percents (Ftilts, A combo, Dash Attack, smash attack, utilt, dtilt).

And he’s my Main (Metaknight)'s worst matchup. So yeah, I’m not to fond of snake, but I’m not bad using him either.

Really? Hmm… I suppose so…
And I suppose most of the tournaments you’re in don’t allow the use of items? With characters that are harder to get close to (…which… well, in my experience, Snake is one of the harder characters to get close to), it usually works to just toss an item at them. At the very least, they’re concentrating on dodging the item, so they can’t fend you off as easily. Best case scenario… well, they get hit, causing a nice opening for kicking their ass.