Super smash bros. Brawl

I thought I’d throw this out there.

Goey bomb eh? Sound’s good to me. I think they’ll make some original items just for the game.

Oh, they added Pit now, too. Can’t wait to see what they’ll add next :smiley:

The new Menu 1 arrangement is… interesting. >_>

Man these update make my spine tingle sometimes. I just can’t wait for this game. But I don’t see the point of putting SS as a playable character. I mean, WTF. He was never really thought of for a fighter like this until that pole a few months back that was circulating around IGN and Nintendo. I don’t think it was a good idea but Sonic on the other hand, yay. Apprently if you like Fox (which I really do) you’ll love him.

:smiley:> Happy dance :smiley:>

Who the hell is SS?

Um… Solid Snake?

Oh <_<

Sorry, he threw me off with “He was never really thought of for a fighter like this until that pole a few months back”.
Cause Snake is far more a fighting character than, say, Ness.

Yes, but hardly in this style. Ness is all about crazy cartoony attacks. Snake is realistic, has never had an original game on a Nintendo console besides two mediocre non-canon spinoffs, and such.

points at Snake vs Monkey
See? They already pitted Snake against Diddy Kong.

I think it’s funny that you haven’t noticed that Shiva bumped this topic big time…

It would be cool if samus could enter hypermode she would kick arse.

chagi: But it’s still a big-name game, highly anticipated and unreleased. That’s not like randomly bumping a two-year-old WATS UR FAVORIT BEAM!??!?! topic.

M_C: Yeah, but Nintendo seems strongly adverse to putting anything from Prime in any of their stuff for some reason. :\

Seriously, not a single reference to any Prime game has been in any of their recent Metroid products. ZM and the manga completely disregard the developments to the pirates’ equipment, Samus missed several items in ZM she starts with in Prime (you’d think that if they were gonna make a remake of a prequel they’d at least tie it in with its sequel a bit better), and Smash’s Samus completely disregards the redesigns and refinements made to her suit and abilities.

Okay, so ZM got one tiny five-second track for the Chozo Ruins from Prime. Whoop di doo.

That aside, it’s like the series doesn’t even exist to them.

And then Prime just kind of disregards Nintendo’s stuff in kind, it seems. Afloraltite got completely ignored and replaced with Fuel Gel, they seem to be trying to retcon Mother Brain’s origin, and they apparently ignored why the metroids existed to begin with, since they seem to be native to other planets.

Maybe it’s just an alternate universe story or something…

Nintendo probably still thinks of it a spinoff series. Which, I guess, it is.

And the only thing Prime had at the beginning that Zero Mission didn’t was Grapple. >_>

Yeah, and the Grapple is one of the most fun things in Metroid, so I was ecstatic that Zero Mission would obviously add it for continuity’s sake.

Then it didn’t, so not only did it fuck continuity, but it also fucked fun gameplay.

There aren’t any Mochtroids in ZM, so it wouldn’t have a fun use anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I was really def the way there were NO connections between metroids, chozo and phazon. How the hell are metroids native to phaaze? They didnt explain metroid prime at all.
It left old strings and created new open ones.


Also, is it me, or are these updates getting sorta desperate?

Struggle for the smash ball? What happened to interesting stuff?

Oh hell yeah.

Not only are they finally acknowledging Prime’s existence, but it’s a mofuggin’ Pirate Frigate stage!


Now if only pirates would show up in the background… the use of a Prime 1 stage implies they’d use the sexy-as-hell design from that game, after all.

Well, it does show the Parasite Queen in the background, which I thought was pretty awesome.

And my reaction was the exact same as Daz’s.

HELL YEAH! :smiley:>

Damnit, you guys beat me.

I was like adjawjdkjgfhafgdjdajdfjlkjfalf when I first saw it.

I’m REALLY glad that they’re acknowledging the prime series, which gives room for dark samus, but honestly, arent there MANY better locals than the FIRST stage of the FIRST metroid prime?

I’m crossing my fingers for samus to get a 3rd stage (though Norfair would technically be Ridley’s if he makes the cut and they’ve already revealed 20 stages).

They’ll prolly use the Parasite queen music, the one that was in hunters too.

I had the same reaction as everyone else, but, I think we have some originality issues >_>

Hm… I think this is a good hint towards Ridley being playable.

Norfair’s always been his domain.

He was aboard the Orpheon.

Both are stages, and his music is already in the game.

They wouldn’t do all that just for an assist, so he’ll definitely either be a boss or playable… and why dedicate TWO stages to just a boss?