Super Smash Bros Brawl

when it will be released? I think SSB is the best fighting game of the videogame history and now we will have Samus without the suit and pit (that i think that is the angel from actraiser 1, the one that helps you) Bowser, zelda and Peach will be in this Brawl too?

No, Pit is from Kid Icarus, the one that you play. Its coming 2007 for but they still haven’t announced a date.

Actually, ive heard rumors of a May 10th release. Its definetly subject/likely to change, even if it is valid, so dont get your hopes up.

Check Best, they have it for the same date as Metroid Prime 3 Corruption and Super Mario Galaxy in March 15, 2007.

try march 30th

Lol. Both are likely to be pushed back to fall 2007. I really dont think MP3 can surpass Metroid prime unless they work on it for at least 2 years.

At least two years? Hasn’t it been that long? Didn’t Prime 2 come out November of 2004? And I personally don’t think SSB is the best fighting game…Melee totally Pawned it. I also think that “Zero-Suit Samus” isn’t like a new character…just a different form of Samus when “certain conditions are met,” like Shiek. Oh well. I just hope the character list can come out soon so the kid who sits on that bus thing I’m in will stop telling me how “great Sonic is, and that of course Sonic is going to be in it, and all Sonic games are great, even though I’ve only played the first one and Sonic Riders, and Ridley can’t be a playable character because he’s too big and shrinking him a bit is IMPOSSIBLE.” God, he won’t shut up!

(P.S. What is the name of the place you were, before the place that you were in, previous to here?)

in fact, Sonic was one of the Characters that the fans listed as “best non-nintendo character” to get into SSBB with Snake…

BTW snake is very stylish, and no, zero suit Samus will e a separate char, that is what i heard…

Since everyone probably knows that updates daily, what do you guys think about today’s entry? It’s a composition called ‘Metroid: Boss Battle Music (Ridley Fight)’. I think it’s kinda cool and kinda over board. Sounds like they added some phazon sound effects to it.

There’s actually severe debate on the Nsider forum’s about whether Ridley will be included in the game. He’s the ONLY character from the metroid series other than Dark samus that qualify’s for Brawl, and he’s a lot more popuplar.

Of course, the issue of size has been rbogut up, but bowser was vastly resized, and they wouldn’t have to shrink him too much (in MP and SM he’s about double samus’s height). He could be as big as he was on the SSBM intro too.

But yeah, I REALLY hope Dark samus and Ridley made the cut.

I was looking through the Nsider forums and I had to say,“WTF, no Dark Samus?” If every other character gets a fucking ‘clone’ then why not Samus? Think Cap’n Faclon & Ganonodorf, Samus has more fiery effects and Dark Samus has more electric effects. Ridley really needs to be in there too.

Stage wise, they got to have the Frigate in orbit. Maybe they will have a stage where phazon is a hazard. What do you guys think?

They’ll probably change all the clones from Melee to be less clonelike. I hope Dark samus makes it though.

Samus had a clone in Melee, Mewtwo.

It would be difficult to make Dark Samus anything BUT a clone, really. So I don’t want him/her. Ridley is a better choice.

You can’t call that a clone just cause it has ONE attack that is similar. Cap’n Faclon & Ganon, Fox & Falco, Link & Young Link, Picachu & Pichu, Roy & Marth and Dr. & Mario essentially had the all the same moves with a little variation in the effects. (fire, electricity, magic, rate of fire,damage,etc.)
Hopefully they will vary it more this time around. Unlocking a clone is more like unlocking a new skin >_>

if Dark Samus makes it she will likely just be another skin for Samus also i heard thet Metroids will be items

Awesome I hope Metroids ARE items thinks of effect O_O woah!! :smiley:
And I also hope Dark Samus(if he/she/it makes it) is not just a skin I want her/him/it at
full power >:) .Anyway is sonic really gonna be in in S.S.B Brawl?

Why does everyone think they’d be clones? Dark Samus has a ton of original moves and very few abilities in common with the real thing.

Though actually, if anything she’d probably be a Fox clone. She has moves approximating every single one of his B moves…

Excuse me, but didn’t they already decide who made it in? I’m not sure, so I was wondering if all this talk is just, well, talk.

I’m just hoping that they aren’t clones moves wise. Now that I think of it, you’re right daz DS would have similar B moves to Fox but not the exact same moves like Falco.

Different graphically, but honestly, how would you change how they work when all but the gun are basically 100% identical functionally? They both have an aimable flaming shinespark, a teleporting forward dash, a shield that reflects shots and knocks back things nearby, and a fast-firing laser. And that’s all the B-slots there are >_> Just change the gun somehow to one of her various beams (spray, shotgun, charging hyper laser thing, crotch missiles, etc…), make his/her roll a morph ball animation, and change the attack timing and melee attacks, reskin it, and bingo, you have Dark Samus.