Super Metroid Tile Layer

Well, it pertains to graphics, so I figure it goes in here.

While working on the Metroid Genesis map editor, GenTile, one of my long-time friends said that it would be cool to have a Super Metroid one so he could make his Super Metroid comics more easily. As such, I spent a couple hours making a Super Metroid verison, but it can be customized with any 16x16 tiles you wish. Click here for SMTile! (Read the GenTile help file to figure out how to use the special features. But it doesn’t tell you that you can scroll the Tile Palette with the up/down arrow keys.)

Ugh, I don’t want to download it…

Why, uh, did you comment if you’re not going to download it? :slight_smile:

My point is have a link to it somewhere so we can simply visit the link instead of downloading useless uh, crap.

Oh, you weren’t talking about the program; you were talking about the help file? Good point.