Super Metroid Sound Effects

I was just wondering. Is there any place on the web where you can download Super Metroid sound effects? I found one place but they only have about five of them.

I believe you’ll have to rip. After 2 weeks of searching, I only found one site with Metroid SFX and I had to ask to have the sounds be hosted again.

Which Website was that…

I forgot… must’ve been a year since I went there.

It was like a blog or something… and the host used the files as sounds for his OS.

I`m getting Ready to rip them, should start the game in 1 minute…

Could you put the rips on here? (some people aren’t happy with my fangames because there’s no way I can rip sounds- not even through emulation) :frowning:


I`m going to rip Zero mission sounds first because those are easiest.
(Theres a big sound recoed on most GBA Emulators!!)


Hey, I found some SM ones:

EDIT: I scanned it, it’s ok. There’s some “essential” sounds in here like door sounds, beam sounds, (and some files with just numbers… going to have to listen to those)

Most of those are repeats of the named ones, however:

3- sounds like machinery noises, Ceres?
9- opening up the menu
10- cursor moving
12- Is the music form Crateria(That`s not a sound(That was ovibous(That was in a parenthese!))

music should be relatively easy to find, are you looking for the exact music, or maybe music that is created (but still basically the same)?

I believe he wants the actual music (and it is hard to find, at least for Metroid!)

… Metroid music isn’t hard to find at all, nor is it what this is about. He specified sound effects.

:blush: He said music so I said music even though I meant SFX. They’re both the same to me, audio.