Super Mario RPG

has someone here played Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars?

Dazzy edit: Made the title more clear. :wink:

SMRPG is by far my favorite SNES game of all time. :smiley: Tied with Fire Emblem 8 and Final Fantasy 7 for favorite RPG.

I can’t even place WHY it’s good… it just… is.

And dammit, that Weapon Boss music is insanely catchy.

What Daz said (though Fire Emblem does give it a run for it’s money :wink:)

The game’s absolutely amazing with music, style, battle system, graphics and that funny part where you find Peach’s XXX :wink:. Definately well worth playing it.

And saying I played it is a big understatement. I literally gutted it, cleaned it and remade it :wink:. God I love that game.

I have a SNES but no SMRPG or SM…

Thats basically the whole point in having an snes, man

I was young back then. You know, more so than I am now.

Wouldn’t that mean that you would have a mario game back then?

I have Super Mario World, Zelda, and some other stuff.
But no Super Metroid or SMRPG…

Fuck Super Metroid, but why would any self-respecting gamer not have SMRPG?! Shame upon ye.

I don’t even recall ever seeing its name outside of a forum… :sweat:

Respect people’s opinions, Daz

Good luck trying to boss a mod around. :wink:
And anyway, what makes SMRPG such a good game?

It’s just… great. Perfect controls, a bit easy but not boringly so, an innovative and fun battle system, insanely catchy music, lots of secret items and stuff… Pretty funny, too. Did I mention how good the battle system was yet? It’s got almost FF8-style limitbreaks of sorts, with each attack having different things you can do during it to increase its power… like, Mario’s ultimate spell lets you hit the jump button at the right time to jump unlimited times on every enemy in the battle, Bowser can summon minions and different control pad actions power them up, Geno has a Samus-style charge beam that overloads if charged for too long but barely does anything if not charged enough… of course, attacks can be blocked too, so it’s got actually intense battles as opposed to “choose attacks and watch them fight” like 90% of other RPGs.

It’s also got some good humor. One of Bowser’s attacks causes him to throw party members into the enemies, the Night of the Living Cake and Booster’s Wedding scenes are infamous for being supremely quotable and silly…

Oh, and it has some awesome bosses, including a cameo demon from FF with the Four Crystals as allies and the FF4 boss music who offers the biggest challenge of the game. Okay, so he’s not really a cameo, but he’s still very FF-influenced. Plus his homeworld’s name is reused in FF11, I think. <_<

Ah, and there’s quite a few fun minigames. Rafting down a river full of piranhas on barrels, riding a mine cart through a dark shaft collecting coins and mushrooms, Whack-a-Goomba, Yoshi racing, and a weird little beetle-catching game… there’s probably more that I’m forgetting, too. And Bowser’s castle has some pretty neat puzzle minigames in it.

It’s just an amazingly well put-together game in every aspect.

And this is coming from one of the most cynical, anti-SNES gamers on the forum. :wink:

Metroid Fanatic: What? How is it disrespecting opinions? All I did was say that I don’t think SM is worth hunting down like SMRPG was. :stuck_out_tongue:

And thats ur opinion, in my opinion, Super Metroid owns Super Mario RPG.

It just seemed like you were forcing ur opinion, thats all

It’d be impossible to find anywhere but online though. :hopes that it will be downloadable for revolution:

Of course it will

That would be nice. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve played it. I have it. One of my favorite mario games out there! And actually a GOOD Mario Game (thats original.)

What do you mean? There were plenty of good Mario games.

Personally, I like the Paper Marios better than SMRPG, but no denying that SMRPG is really good. Too bad SMRPG is hard to find now, for those who don’t already have it. I spent quite a bit of money to secure a copy from e-bay.

Yeah I know. Like Super Mario 64 and back… However, there are a few Mario Games that just don’t have that same… ‘feel’ to them… Most of them are good though!
(A game is usually good as long as it has a story and a point…)