Super Mario Galaxy 2!


The first game was awesome and now a sequel!?! This, plus a new metroid and another mario? Nintendo knows how to please us, i forgive them for last year.

i forgive them for every fail theyre ever had
everything ive seen now has put them like

All I can say is:
Welcome back, Nintendo. Welcome back.

I am pleased, and disappointed. I wanted a Zelda Wii.

And maybe a Star Fox Wii.

But yeah, Super Mario Galaxy 2 looks good. I just hope they don’t screw it up, y’ know?

[7:04] “To be honest, I really wanted to show off a new Zelda at this E3. However, rather than bring you something, we wanted to focus on development.” [7:04] Up comes concept art for the new Zelda game, which shows Link in his Twilight Princess incarnation. [7:04] The team is aiming to bring it out next year, and is building in so much Wii MotionPlus capability that it might require it to play.

Miyamoto himself

mayhaps there is a Wii Zelda in the works and theyre not telling us ;D

Whoa wait what?

Where did you find that?

my sources <3

Lol just found it. Nice. Wound through VGChartz for a couple minutes and found it.

i know, right xD

Well, that being said, I am content.

I still want a new Star Fox, though. :neutral_face:

i got nothin, sorry

Well, I suspected as much. Man, I keep waiting for a new Star Fox, and I mean, Nintendo’s got the fanbase for it…eh.

But I am pleased with Nintendo.

Oh, Motionplus looked good too. Anyone else see all the Red Steel 2 stuff? Definitely made me want Motionplus, just for that.

RedSteel2: Devil May Cry in the first person+the wild west?

count me the fuck in!

I guess that will be my first Crysis 2 mod. xD

maybe team ninja can do a starfox after they make metroid.

barrel roll

thinks about team ninja doing a star fox game

…the is ANY way that a arwing can suplex andross?

but a star-fox MMO would kill everything…

Metroid yayayayay
Mario Galaxy yayayay
Zelda yayay
NSMB yay
Star Fox what the fuck. “Oh we’ll just wait another 10 years” Like that is pleasing. Someone else better do it or I’m getting my Power Suit while riding a Yoshi with a Hylian Shield with Toad at my side inside of an Arwing and flying in there and destroying the person that said that.

[Edit]=WHAAAAAAAATT?!?!?!? NO SWORD?!?!?!?