Sun exploding

IF the sun expolded what would you think before you were blown to oblivion… :O_O:

Holy crap…

yeah thats pretty much it right there lol… :laughing:

I’d think about AND eat pie.

I’d eat pie and tell the guy next to me:

“Yep…we’re screwed, but hey this is a good pie.” Then I’d think about how that stupid energizer bunny would be killed too and die a satisfied man. YES DAMN YOU PINK ENERGIZER BUNNY YOU SHALL GO NO MORE! BWAHAHAHAHAHA…err I’m done goes to see what kind of pie MH has…

(Fun Fact: In five billion years the sun shall explode into a red giant and swallow up Mercury, Venus, and possibly Earth. If not, then the earth would die anyway from the water being boiled away, and the land being scortched and dry. Look up Red Giants sometime on the net or in your science text book, interesting stuff ^_^)

If the sun swallowed up Earth, do you think it’d enjoy MH’s pie?

well, id think nooooooooooooo i never compleated the whole metroid seires! i still havent finished
metroid 1, metroid 2: return of samus, super metroid, metroid prime andmetroid prime 2:echoes wahhhhhhhhhh:(

Actually, this is correct. When the sun explodes, it will become a giant black hole and suck up our entire solar system, but maybe not Pluto. But, luckily, by that time humans SHOULD be extinct…

i thought blackholes were the size of a pea! and how could it suck in all the planets? i’d say it’d stop around Mars to Saturn, leaving at the least, three planets (or 4 if u see Pluto and its moon as a double planet because of its moon’s size). oh well, that’s just how i see it.

I’d be like…

Holy shit, then I’d run around in a circle like a chicken that just had its head cut off. :slight_smile:

Trueness. And then in another few billion years the sun will shrink and become a white dwarf, and use up the last of its thermal energy, after which it will become a cold, nonluminous body.

:shivers: Hopefully I won’t be alive by then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some concept arts of Earth’s final days…:

(at night)

I’ll find more when I can.

Wait 8 minutes. Then die. That’s about what would happen.

You do realize that every galaxy revolves around a black hole, right? That gravity is pretty serious stuff. Forget the solar system, the GALAXY would implode.

i would build a chozo statue holding a ball before i die. XD
haha he’s holding his balls

Darn. That is some slick art. Where’d you find it?

First of all, Black Holes are still theoretical. Secondly, I honestly doubt if an extra Black Hole would tear apart the Galaxy. Thirdly, why only one, and why in the centre of the Galaxy? There are a billion billion stars in that area, they’d probably equal the gravitational output of a Black Hole. And last of all, to flyinrooster, a Black Hole would suck up every planet in our Solar System in a matter of years, while absorbing the mass of Sol over a few thousand, if we even drifted slightly close to one. Theoretically, Black Holes are pretty darn small-the size of a pin head, I believe-but that does not affect the gravity. The Black Hole supposedly sucks in matter and squirts it out the top and bottom.

Im suprises you guys still post here way to keep it alive :smiley:

Back on the topic… all I’d think is “took it long enough… but I still don’t have enough time to this pie”