So, I’ve had this slight problem for a while now, and I haven’t posted it, since I regard posting on a gaming forum (primarily inhabited by… frankly, little kids with no experience in life whatsoever) with problems like this a moronic exercise, unless you don’t have any other option, but my friend (not the one I shall be talking about) figured some good may come out of it.
Anyway, let’s get to the point.
A while ago (a friday 2 weeks ago, I believe) I found something out about one of my friends. Before I tell you, you should know a bit of background: this kid is a popular kid, not like the hot dude in your class, but like the class clown. He was the happiest kid I know, he was the life of every party, goofy, funny, outgoing, and… well, you know the kind. So you can imagine it was a bit of a shock to find out he is clinically depressed. A bit stunning. He is suicidal as well, which is also shocking. When I heard that he has attempted suicide 9 times, though, I started freaking out. By Sunday, I was a tad better. I started having conversations with him regularly. Since then, he has attempted suicide at least once more, threatened it about 5, and gone into long ravings about it all countless times. I’ve found out a bit more about him since then.
The important things are:
a) His parents are aware, and so telling someone isn’t a big issue.
b) If you’ve ever been even remotely depressed (as I have) you’d know that you’re not constantly unhappy. You can be distracted from it, by friends, games, TV, and as this friend and I figured out and effectively tested today, porn. He’s not any different in that sense, he’s not beyond distractions.
c) He has what he calls “crashes”, which he likens to the sort of thing people have after a cocaine high wears off (neither of us of course know exactly what it’s like, never having snorted cocaine), which means that he loses control, feels really bad, and begins to… well, go insane.
d) He is insane. And not just the depression sort of insane. He has serious problems with some things. Allow me to show you a conversation:

************ (10:15:59 PM): im going to tell you how fucked up my mind is now.
EvilTimaster (10:16:03 PM): cool
************ (10:16:06 PM): the night i told you
************ (10:16:08 PM): i believe
************ (10:16:24 PM): i told you it was the first time they[they = some weird things he sees… like those things you see when dust gets in your eye] were REAL and had weight and i could feel them
************ (10:16:26 PM): if i did
************ (10:16:28 PM): i was lying.
************ (10:16:32 PM): or just not remembering.
************ (10:16:39 PM): im nearly posotive now
************ (10:16:42 PM): that the first time
************ (10:16:44 PM): was
************ (10:16:52 PM): hell it might have been in FC
************ (10:16:59 PM): but it was several years ago
************ (10:17:02 PM): i think it was
************ (10:17:03 PM): fifth grade
************ (10:17:07 PM): yeah. . . .
************ (10:17:15 PM): there was a power outage
************ (10:17:18 PM): and
************ (10:17:25 PM): i walked into our house with my family
************ (10:17:32 PM): and i walked into the dining room
************ (10:17:42 PM): wihle the rest of my family
************ (10:17:49 PM): went upstairs to get candles
************ (10:17:57 PM): and i felt riley[his dog] brush against my leg
************ (10:18:03 PM): and i tryed to pet him
************ (10:18:09 PM): i just thought he got away to fast
************ (10:18:12 PM): i didnt feel him
************ (10:18:15 PM): and then
************ (10:18:23 PM): i heard him going down the stairs
************ (10:18:32 PM): DOWN the stairs
************ (10:18:38 PM): he was already dsownstairs.
************ (10:18:44 PM): i got freaked out
************ (10:18:51 PM): there was nothing there to brush by my leg
************ (10:18:54 PM): i didnt see anything
************ (10:18:58 PM): it was pitch black
************ (10:19:01 PM): i ran outside to our car
************ (10:19:11 PM): turned on all of its lights (it was dark outside too)
************ (10:19:16 PM): and fell asleep there
************ (10:19:24 PM): my parents carried me back inside
************ (10:19:28 PM): and i woke up in my bed
************ (10:19:36 PM): that was the scariest thing in the world.
************ (10:19:40 PM): it was huge.
************ (10:19:47 PM): it was as big as riley.
************ (10:19:52 PM): and now i know
************ (10:20:05 PM): that it was those things
************ (10:20:08 PM): because
************ (10:20:12 PM): i think
************ (10:20:20 PM): they are in my dining room
************ (10:20:27 PM): they live there or something. . . .
************ (10:20:52 PM): but
************ (10:20:57 PM): thats where it was today
************ (10:21:01 PM): it was just a segment
************ (10:21:05 PM): it
EvilTimaster (10:21:07 PM): …
EvilTimaster (10:21:11 PM): you do realize
EvilTimaster (10:21:16 PM): that you’re insane right now
EvilTimaster (10:21:20 PM): and not when you felt them?
************ (10:21:25 PM): what?
************ (10:21:32 PM): what the hell?
EvilTimaster (10:21:34 PM): you brushed up against a piece of furniture or something
************ (10:21:38 PM): no
EvilTimaster (10:21:38 PM): and freaked out
************ (10:21:40 PM): noooo
************ (10:21:44 PM): it brushed by ME.
************ (10:21:58 PM): i remeber
************ (10:22:01 PM): thats what freaked me
************ (10:22:02 PM): out
************ (10:22:08 PM): trhats why i thought it was riley
************ (10:22:12 PM): it went away
EvilTimaster (10:22:13 PM): look
EvilTimaster (10:22:16 PM): I don’t know
EvilTimaster (10:22:28 PM): but you’re saying there are weird things living in your dining room
************ (10:22:33 PM): no
************ (10:22:38 PM): its multiple wierd things. . .
************ (10:22:43 PM): that twist together sometimes
************ (10:22:47 PM): but theyre seperate.
************ (10:22:50 PM): coninue.
************ (10:22:57 PM): and idk if its alive
************ (10:23:01 PM): i mean
************ (10:23:06 PM): it probably isnt real
************ (10:23:20 PM): which is wierd
************ (10:23:29 PM): cuz it sure as hell seems like the nice ones are.
************ (10:23:32 PM): like
************ (10:23:40 PM): there was a big one on the movie screen today
************ (10:23:48 PM): it was distracting
************ (10:24:04 PM): it came in at the end
************ (10:24:04 PM): it was a nice one tho
************ (10:24:18 PM): nice and 2D
************ (10:24:27 PM): and clear. . . ish
************ (10:24:27 PM): ok
************ (10:24:29 PM): you were saying?
************ (10:24:52 PM): or i was saying
************ (10:24:55 PM): i dont remember
************ (10:25:11 PM): you scared the shit out of me when you said your insane now. . . .and not then. . . .
************ (10:25:15 PM): because
************ (10:25:19 PM): things got surreal
************ (10:25:22 PM): and it was like. . .
************ (10:25:26 PM): all. . .
************ (10:25:30 PM): upside down mode.
EvilTimaster (10:25:33 PM): yeah
************ (10:25:35 PM): and for a second
EvilTimaster (10:25:38 PM): cause… you’re insane
************ (10:25:42 PM): i know

In any case, he is, as the aforementioned other friend termed it, “batshit insane”, and suicidal.
Any advice would be appreciated. :^_^:
EDIT: Also, this is a really funny picture.

9 Times? 9 failed times? What were his methods exactly?

His attempts were pretty lame… he jumped down the stairs once… tried to hang himself from a hook in the wall or something… which broke off, obviously.

I dunno if he actually made 9 attempts that bad, though. He didn’t really tell me like “well, the first time I did this, and the other I did that…” and so on. I know his methods included cutting his wrist (he’s not gonna try that one again), hanging himself, ODing on… something, and like I said, jumping down the stairs.

So they weren’t incredibly serious attempts? Or maybe he was just really (un)lucky, depending on the POV.

I used to threaten suicide, but only to make people feel sorry for me. It was back when I was mabye, 7, 8 years old, but I had already looked into it as a weapon. But seriously commiting suicide doesnt make sense to me.

The way I see it, there’s no ATTEMPTING suicide. Seeing as how he’s still alive, he probably still sees reasons to live. I’m NOT saying that this isnt a reason for concern, and I think the best thin you can do is talk to him about it. Get EVERYONE who knows him to talk to him about it. REAL friends are probably the strongest weapon against suicide. I think you can turn him around. I wouldn’t worry too much.

I’m not really worried… it’s just every “don’t kill yourself you moron” talk always lasts like 3 hours, and leaves me really drained and almost wanting to kill MYself.
There’s gotta be a better way. Oh, and BTW: he’s not really threatening it if he’s been like that for 4 years without telling anyone. I’ve known him since 4th grade, and he told me it started up around 5th. He’s not threatening it cause he wants something (and if he is, he’s not getting it… the only thing he could possibly want from me is pity, and I’m not very “omg im sry itl get betr!!” with him. I’m a bit more to the point.

Oh, and yeah, he sees reasons to live… when I talk to him for 3 hours. He forgets them as soon as I stop. One day, though, I won’t have any reasons (his girlfriend is the only reason as of right now). That’s why something else needs to happen.
EDIT: Oh, and as for getting “EVERYONE” to talk to him about it, no. I’m the only person he’ll really talk about it to. No exceptions, not even his girlfriend. Perhaps especially not his girlfriend.

Well that’s reasurring. Just make sure that if anything negative happens, you have another 3 hour chat with him.

My point is that I have 3 hour chats with him like 3 times a week, and it’s really tiring <_<

ok… he needs help. those things he is talkin about, maybe, probably not though, could have been night terrors. when your only councious, but still asleep, your brain makes you see, feel, and hear things that arent real. i’ve had 4, when i was around 8 maybe 9

If you’re right, I love you.

checks up on it
******* (8:36:29 PM): holy shit
******* (8:36:32 PM): sounds aboot right.

I love you. >_>


Reading this topic kind of made me feel uneasy…

Yes, he definately needs help, no doubt about it. If you’re one of the only things keeping him together, he won’t last long: you can’t keep this up forever.

About those “things” he saw, and night terrors, I know what he means. Sometimes it happens when you have a very active imagination. I recall a time in which I saw a figure moving downstairs in the living room when no one else was in the house: it bent around a corner, looked at me, and went away. I followed it with a fireplace stoker and found nothing there. Hell, there was another time when I was playing games in my room and I heard breathing coming from my parent’s room. I thought it was my mom sleeping, but I never heard her come upstairs, so I snuck in and, what do you know? Nothing there. The sound stopped when I first saw the entrance of the room.

This happens especially when you’re uptight, concerned, or frightened. The thing is he can’t accept them as real. If he does, he’s just slipping farther away from reality.

Oh, gee, thanks for the support <___<
But yeah, I realize that. That’s really the only reason I’m looking for some sort of help… there’s no one else he can talk to; I’m pretty much his only good friend, and he keeps saying that he’s killing himself as soon as his relationship with his gf ends.

Oh, and about those night terror things: I looked up depression just now, and found out it’s a fairly common symptom. You’re right, though, he needs to stop believing in them. I’m already on that, though. As soon as winter break comes (when I can visit him) I’ll try my best to put an end to it. I already made good progress today, though.

This may sound a little strange to you, but I’ve never experienced a night terror. I have absolutely no idea what it feels like, and for a great time, I didnt beleive in them. But if he REALLY thinks that there are strange creatures around him, I dunno what to say. Mabye you should learn more about them. But you definetly shoud put an end to this as soon as possible.

i was scared when i was finish reading this topic, seriously. And what Gold Leader said made me even more scared…

Edit: its my 200th post! :smiley:>

well you cant controll people. after all it is what is in the mind that has to do with what you want to do. have you asked him why timemaster?

You should talk to a couselor (SP?) or something about this. The
kid has some problems, maybe he needs theropy or something.
I would suggest having someone trained talk to him about this.
Maybe an adult.

I’m very sorry about all the spelling errors…

There doesn’t seem to be a reason… but I mean, depression doesn’t necessarily have a cause. It’s a disease, not a mood.

And Dragon:
“a) His parents are aware, and so telling someone isn’t a big issue.”
He’s been to doctors and whatever… but either he’s being uber uncooperative, or he happened to get an idiotic doctor. So that’s not really helping him much.

just keep him stable, get him to do stupid shit with you guys and such, and it will most likely pass (though my personal opinion is that depression is just self pity). basically, a person gets tired of not living thier life, so catch them off guard, and get them to live a little, hell, maybe a few things to live for (regardless of how depressed you think you are, rock climbing will totally take your mind off that…in fact, just looking down from a high ass place can do so)

really though, there is the simple fact that humans are forgetful, though a bit habitual, just keep that person alive, and well, and things will hopefully move towards the better, or at least even out in the end.

There’s a real class at my school called ECC(Emotional Control Class) where you get marked on how much you feel like killing yourself and how much you cut your wrist. Things like that.

Seeing as how he’s had several 3 hour conversations with him, probably…several times. Anyhow, controlling people isnt the goal here. Influencing decisions is the goal, which is well within Timmeh’s power…based on what I’ve read.

I think continuing what you’re doing now is fine, but I’d take some of the prior advice…