suggested ds games?

ya … can anyone suggest any worth while ds games to me so far my ds games are:
metroid prime hunters
resident evil deadly scilence
bomberman ds
mario 64 ds
starwars episode 3

Daigasso! Bandbrothers
It’s a game where you can make music with your friends.

Zoo Keeper
It’s like using drugs but legal. Probably the best puzzlegame on the DS.

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New Super Mario Bros.

Wow, none of the games you have I would recommend, maybe with the exception of MPH.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - My favorite Castlevania game, possibly my favorite game on the DS.
Tetris DS - If you don’t like Tetris much I wouldn’t get it. Recommended otherwise. Unfortunately I’m one of those who doesn’t like Tetris.
Mario Kart DS - I can’t believe nobody’s thought of this yet. It is quite fun.
Rayman DS - If you’ve never played the Rayman game for the 64, or if it was a while ago and you want to play it again, get this. It’s bad by today’s standards, but games like this helped invent the modern idea of a 3-D platformer. It’s a little more old-school than you may expect, so just keep that in mind if you do plan on getting this one.
Brain Age - I don’t have this yet, but I plan on getting it later today of all days. From what I’ve heard, the only problem with it is that it has a terrible time trying to pick up the word “blue”. There’s an easy way to skip it, though, and it’s probably only in one game mode.
Meteos - Really, really fun. It’s hardly like Tetris, which is why I like it.
Animal Crossing: Wild World - I gave up a while ago with this one, but I don’t like the original either. There are a lot of people that still like this one, though, and it lasted like a whole month for me. Longer than most other games, at least, even if I did end up loathing the game afterwards.

My games are:

metroid prime hunters- awsome multiplayer

animal crossing- you have your on litle world in your hands

brain age- kinda fun…

metroid prime pinball- the killing metroids sensation is AWSOME!!!

mariokart DS- fun racing game.

metroid prime hunters first hunt- to boring but the videos are pretty good

nintendogs labrador and friends- a pembroke welsh corgi is the cutest :smiley:

and thats all.

u guys r seriously helping =) (to troid: ever since i saw the first rayman game for the pc ive wanted to stab him)

k i bought metroid prime pin ball as suggested, its a great game that lives up to the metroid name, i was just wondering how can i win any other levels then phazon mines and phendrana drifts

New Super Mario Bros.
Animal Crossing Wild World
Star Fox: Command

mario cart ds


golden eye for nintendo ds :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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