Style Support

Well, I would post this on the SCU forums, but the admin hasn’t gotten around to activating my account yet. (I read the rules, don’t worry. xD)

Anyway, in order for me to better suit your needs as a graphics artist, I have to be totally clear on the style in which you guys are using.

Firstly, I started doing my tiles like Super Metroid. Then, after some criticism, I did them in the style of Metroid: Zero Mission…Then I played the Enviroment demo. It is nothing like the tiles I’m doing. So, I want someone to give me an explanation upon the style you use. A brief or lengthly one, anything will help. I want to make my tiles look as similar as possible to the one in the demo – that way, everything looks like it fits together.

I COULD look at the tiles in the demo for about an hour but it would be much easier if I had a little help from one of you guys.


PS: I’ve been working on the Chozo Ruins tiles for about a week now, so I’m not dead guys, I’m just trying to get this right. xP

I think Sloth is finishing the Chozo ruins tiles, he already has a good start, but all work is going to the demo now.

It doesn’t matter. The practice is still good for me. Im not going to bother helping the demo this late, it would only prolong things.