Stupid things in metroid

I think that they shouldnt have had it so where you only kill one S.A.X in Metroid Fusion.
I mean, didnt Adam say that there were at least 10 on the station, yet only one actually fights Samus?!

yes but the thing is the ten of them are in differant sections

I thought that the game should have atleast made SENSE!
Tell me, why do you see broken Apple computers in the background?
And the part when you gotta kill the plant on the generator and face the SA-X
you seetubes blocking your way? And whenyou shoot their lights they open?
This sounds perfectly normal but when you kill the master plant the tubes
are floting in the air! I will post some screens so you will understand.

…What in blazes are you talking about?

Metroid Fusion. :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t worry, I’ve not played it either.

Not only have I played it, I’ve beaten it enough to be able to play the untranslated Japanese version and not get confused. This confused me.


Don’t mind them. Just some lowlifes hired by a certain infamous P2D-hater.



I can’t help but think you’re talking about Darkblade and myself…and we were just showing our confusion about that guy’s post.

Um… I deleted the post and forgot to delete what I said about them. >_>

Just more of those spammers.


If you where talking about me, my post was not spam. And
you wont understand what /I am talking about unless I post screens,

…right, but the game DID make sense. I was confused about nothing at all in Fusion, with the possible exception of the presence of Space Pirates on BSL Station.

There are a couple easy explanations for that.

  1. The station had a couple of frozen space pirates so they could examine it.
  2. The staion had a sample cell of space pirates so they could create a bio weapon against them, create their own pirates, ect.

Any more ideas?

The pirates just thogught they would hang out on a satilite.

Maybe they were genetically modifying Pirate brains to use them as shock troops.

Stupid + Metroid = ERROR! ERROR!

You lose!

Translation: There isn’t anything stupid in Metroid. You lose!

Made Super Metroid.


Daz is just anti-SM.