My stupid signature won’t show
it shows some of it but not all

its not the full one

maybe beacuse you clicked avatar instead of signature???

Seeing as the full one is too big for this forum anyway, consider yourself lucky that it didn’t work and get you a warning.

isnt there a way to limit picture space with invisionfree? why not do that instead of giving ppl a chance to get a warning?

Because this gives us a way to see who reads the rules, for one thing. >_>

And because I have no idea how to do that. :3

You can’t, not in any simple way, probably, since signatures aren’t fixed objects. They’re just text that goes at the end of a post. Avatars are always images, so those are easy(er) to regulate, but in a sig, you don’t know what’s going in there, and how many of it.
That’s just what I think, though. I don’t know this for sure.


That’s… original… responding to a question you pose to someone else?

Especially weird when the posts are days apart.

im sorry, i didnt write no, tracelator forgot to sign out for me, so he was still on my name.

Eh? Are you, like, brothers or something?

ya. it said it on my old sig. and he is my little brother.

Hes right hes also right with da brother thing