health bar/hud stuff

/r/ c+c on this.

I do say. That is attractive.

thanks :slight_smile:
i’ll add more to it soon, maybe even make a tileset.
wip platform. sucks atm, will try and fix when i have time.

I agree.

…with Troid92, I mean. :slight_smile:

I like the HUD. 'Tis Good.

Or, if your prefer German, Prima!

I’m not Troid. >_>

neither is anyone else in this topic…

can you post the platform in regular size?

I agree with Mason.

edited the platform.


wip tile.

Edit: unfinished tileset and random enemy.

Nice tileset and heal bar and hud thing.


That looks like something straight out of Final Fantasy (if final fantasy had computers, I mean…)

It has tons… >_>

<_<? Where.

Whoa, what the hell. King metroid and Mason McCoy have the same post count of 444 o_O (which is 666 rotated 180 degrees >_>*

are you trying to find obscure connections to 666 in there? fail.

Nah, I noticed the 666 thing while typing the post.