Story Line

Whats metroid’s storyline?

how it says in the games? i dont understand. if you were wondering what the game timeline is, i think there was a topic already made for that.

i apologize for the double post, but for some reason my edit button is only showing half of the time since i logged on today >.>;

here’s the link to the old one. keep in mind that it talks a lot about the storyline, but is specific to hunters

im sure it would be easier just to refer to that with the timeline than to make a new topic

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, read the announcement that Daz posted.

it works fine for me :sunglasses:

Yeah, it’s since been fixed >_>

already did… when there’s a new post in the announcements section its the first thing i check out.

On topic: Wikipedia is your best source for Metroid storylines.

Really all you need to do is play the game and try to understand it…'Tis how I did it.