we need some help geting started on our fangame at another place please help we need a lot of spriters and programers we are using gamemaker for the game if anybody whats to help out you can click the sig. does anybody have redgisterd copy of game maker 6?

Dragon might have the registered version. Heh, I thought this project was dead. Good work for keepin’ on. I’m not really good at making sprites out of scratch, even with reference points, so sorry.

who said it was off there are other thing that need to be done you can do more then sprite.

I am ok with game maker, although I cant code worth crap.
And I only have the registered version of the older Game Maker versions.

wich one do you have? :confused:

Game Maker 4. I know its old, that is when I got into Game Design.
I worked on GM for 3 or 4 months now. I get all the 0Click and Drag stuff but
I am still learning coding.

does 4 let shoot stuff?what does some of the things do like the Particle engine?

I PM’d you about the particle thing although I am not sure.
But GM 4 has all the basic stuff that they all have. You can shoot
or create objcts, you can code, and do all the movement and animation stuff.

everybody is welcome to help with the project.the fourm is HQ for starfox2d and a fourm so you don’t have to be on the team to come to fourm.

Why do I get the feeling this topic is more to advertise your forum than to get help for the game, because I told you no direct advertisements in posts?

NO NO NO I’m just talking about the game and the fourm a little bit but not for advertising.

Don’t worry Daz, I just seen his forum. He ain’t advertising much :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t use the particle system in GM. It’s a big waste of time to set up the particle emitter and all that. And the particle system isn’t even made for just shooting bullets. It’s made for special effects, like fire and fireworks, though it’s really simple to make these effects without using the particle system. I’ve done it many times. I don’t understand why GM has that pointless thing.

You guys do know GM6.1 is out, right?

what do you mean He ain’t advertising much :stuck_out_tongue: It is a nice fourm I have worked vary hard on it.

I went form this 8) to this :frowning:

First of all, it’s “forum” not “fourm”.

Secondly, do you mean "from :frowning: to 8) "?

what!! I was showing my mood about that comment about the forum no I didn’t mean :frowning: to 8)