does anybody like starfox here?

The SNES and N64 ones kicked unbelievable ass, but the GC ones were sub-mediocre…

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Like Daz said, i thought the N64 one was ok but when Krystal was introduced
I thought the games got, a little wierd.

It’s not so much Krystal as it was the ‘onfoot sections’.

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I think it would be ok, but ask Daz because i am not sure.

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On foot isn’t really horrible, just bad. Arwings are much better.

in assult you can jump on other peaples wing on the arwing or you can jump on top of the cannon part of the landmaster it is quite fun go to coria and blow up some trees.

You mean Corneria?
And you can’t use the Plasma Cannon in multiplayer, right?

right! :laughing: what I like to do is fly over water and dump off my wingman lol :laughing:

Or, finally follow Peppy’s advice from SF64 and “Do a barrel roll.” That line was almost as annoying as Slippy.

and for once it’s useful instead of blocking attacks. lol

I only like fox in SSB64.

well m favorite 1 was advantures for gc but when namco made assult it made me feel like i got ripped off for a $

I might be getting a StarFox game for Christmas (a Gamecube one), so wich one is best?

Assault was a great idea that was executed poorly. They should have spent more time on it - it would have given them a chance to make the Single Player games as good as the Multiplayer. I can’t find anyone who’ll play with me in MP, so the game’s not worth buying. If only they had concentrated on SP a bit more…

I hope that they don’t try to release SF game after SF game with a new MP gimmick each time - i’ve seen enough series fall into that hole. I want quality SINGLE PLAYER, DARNIT!!

Darn Echoes…

Whatever I’ll be getting asault.

Starfox Assault- Alright.

Starfox Adventures- Total trash.