Starfox ds

The time has come for the DS to have Starfox DS. I still remember the that day when I got Starfox 64. When the DS one comes out will you buy it?

… It came out over a month ago.

Not in Europe Daz, we still have to wait for mid-November here >_>

You poor souls. It’s a sexy game.

its out here. it just doesnt look very compelling

gettin it in… 6 days. my dad is in england, he mite get it 4 me. dont reely care, just need it.

this game is #2 on my to get for DS games list ^_^and, yes, it does look awsome!

is it worth its price whats the controls, graphics, story and gameplay like?

well, its like a strategy game, i think, because u get to map out the routes of all 3 arwings. its also like the original star fox in the sense that you still get to control your ship. and, im also thinking that you get to choose which planets you go to instead of the game doing it for you, like star fox assault. thats all i have to say and i hope it helps, i also hope its true :sweat: