StarFox: Assault

I’ve played it and beaten it…multiplayer mode is quite fun. what are all your thoughts?

It’s out? I dind’t realize this. Damn Xenosaga for eating my money! Shakes fist. The demo I played was awesome. It’s good to see Fox is back in his Arwing.

Yeah…I didn’t know it was out until I saw it on the shelves of blockbuster.

Who wants me to rant about multiplayer mode and it’s awesomeness?!

Please excuse this double post, any mods can delete the post before this one of they feel it neccasary…

My review of Starfox Assault multiplayer. It’s hard to describe, you just gotta play it yourself (trust me it’s fun), So I spent my time reviewing weapons, mostly.

Well, on foot it?s only partially interesting. A fun thing to do is hide behind a building, roll out and shoot at someone if they?re there then roll back, otherwise it?s hardly of much note to me, albeit, items like the missile launcher (remote-controlled rockets) are quite fun.

But vehicles are funner.

The landmaster (tankmaster as I refer to it out of randomness and boredom) is your basic strong attack and defense but slow and unmaneuverable thing. It?s most noticeable abilities in multiplayer are to shoot people and run the on-footers over. it?s weakness is if someone gets ontop of it, it will have no way to shoot them off. of course, there?s rolling.

Otherwise it?s the same. boost…hover…shot…charge shot.

Arwings are very fun to play as in multiplayer given the proper conditions. against a landmaster it?s the ultimate test of speed vs. strength, the way I play, hit and run and overall dodge being the game of the arwing. gotta me good to dodge those landmaster shots though.

It?s pretty much the same again. same lasers same bombs, boosting, barrel rolling, etc. etc.

One interesting thing is you can get out of an arwing while in flight and stand atop it as it drifts around, trying to shoot at people. it?s incredibly fun trying to use a sniper rifle.

Alas, the downside of the sniper rifle is, you can?t see if the free-flying arwing is about to crash a wall and you can?t get back in it. lose more wings that way. better hope it doesn?t crash over somewhere you can fall.

One INCREDIBLY fun thing I?ve done on multiplayer is to let one person hop ontop of (or land and automatically get out, standing on the nose) an arwing, preferably with a sniper rifle. while another person gets in the arwing and flies around, giving fire while the wingman attempts to snipe people. An extremely fun combination of teamwork except you must be very careful; barrel rolling will throw your partner off, boosting will throw your partner off, looping, the down c-stick change direction thingy and any other sudden abnormalities in speed/incline will, throw your partner off.

The pilot might want to worry more about staying safe and not crashing into buildings than fighting but still makes a good firing-assistant. it?s…Very hard to do, but fun.

One notable thing is that in 2-player mode, unless it?s a vehicle only game, you cannot die in vehicles. Your HP can be brought down but only the vehicle?s HP can be brought to 0. Then it blows up which takes off a lot of your main health making you fairly easy to shoot down but you do have a chance. Vehicles save lives AND give you either superb movement freedom or heavy firepower.

On foot guns (story and multiplayer) (* means only used in multiplayer) (HP-tooken-off-comparisons are based off of if you?re playing as fox):
Blaster- Basic gun. okay-ish fire rate, can charge 3 levels (green orb on tip of gun, blue, red) to be more powerful.
Ammo per pickup: Auto-have, infinite ammo
Vehicle-to-on foot effect: fairly powerful against people on-foot but doesn?t do much to the landmaster. Hits the arwing okay though.
Machine gun- What does it sound like? A rapid fire, high-ammo low-accuracy gun.
Ammo per pickup: 200
Homing (H.) Launcher: Again a fairly obvious name, fires homing missiles provide you have locked onto a target.
Ammo per pickup: 10
Vehicle-to-on foot effect: does a fair bit to HP on-foot; possibly a third or a quarter, but it?s nigh-impossible to dodge. Bane of the arwing unless you are a very good dodger, it will take off a third of it?s health and, oddly, 2/3rds of yours if you?re in an arwing. About as effective as onfoot if one?s in a tank, just doesn?t blast them into the air.
Sniper rifle:
The good thing about this game is that the basic guns are obvious what they do, eh? can zoom in to close and closer, can only shoot while zoomed; the assassination weapon. Reccomended use in high-up areas or just to pick off targets from very far away. Or on arwings!
Ammo per pickup: 10
Vehicle-to-on foot effect: A near one-hit kill to about anything.

Missile launcher:*
A remote-controlled gun, very fun to use. Anyone remember the sentinel from 007 nightfire? It?s like that only you see it 3rd person and no annoying red-screen. easier to control as well give or take. Very powerful and very good for picking people off…from anywhere.
Ammo per pickup: 3; It?s a rare gun though.
Vehicle-to-on foot effect: Very powerful against anything. about a 3rd of one?s HP.

Gatling gun:
Identical to machine gun, only slightly more accurate and a TON more powerful. Also fires different colored shots.
Ammo per pickup: 100
Vehicle-to-on foot effect: Drains the HP like crazy of anything. A deadly weapon.

Demon launcher:*
The super homing launcher.
Ammo per pickup: 3; can only be obtained if, for example, in a game to 3 kills, the other person has gotten 2 kills and you have gotten 0, or, this happened to me once in a game to 20, I had 14, my opponent had 19.
Vehicle-to-on foot effect: 1-hit kill. Unless the person is in a vehicle in which case it drains their HP to one-more-shot-KO, and blows their vehicle up.

Press A to toss a grenade very far to no particular location and wait several seconds for it to blow up making it the least accurate weapon ever. However you can hold A to make it?s time-to-blow-up go down (hold it too long and it?ll blow on you) and toss it to make it explode closer to where you threw it.
Ammo per pickup: 5 or 10; I forget
Vehicle-to-on foot effect: Very powerful to compensate for low accuracy, of course, but I?ve only managed to hit people on foot which is about 2-3rds health.

The motion sensor bomb of assault. Only you set them right below you, not throw them, and they glow red and look slightly different. Can be shot to be blown up.
Ammo per pickup: 5
Vehicle-to-on foot effect: I think about half to onfoot or landmaster, good luck detonating those with an arwing aside from shooting it.

…And that?s all I remember! Who wants a rant of the game itself and the storyline?

Is it really that good? IGN gave it a really low rating… Do you think I should pick this up or get Zelda?

It’s a good game I find but I reccomend you just rent it for a couple of weeks or until bored. which zelda? if wind waker, get that.

I mean the Zelda coming out this year.

Then definitely wait for that. God, it’s going to have ADULT link! finally!

Adult Link sounds so much cooler than kiddy Link.

He is. Adult link is badass.

It looks great, I can’t wait to get it. I saw it on the shelves the other day and was going to pick it up but I didn’t have any money with me.

You mean assault? I beat the story in 2 days, I reccomend renting it.

Edit: unless you frequently get friends at your house who like 2-player video games…

Yeah, it’s great for college dorms. We have people comming in and out of here nonstop, so we’re always playing Starfox or SSBM. I don’t think my poor friend’s Cube has ever seen a moment when it wasn’t on :/.

teh coob a splode!!!1shift+1
I am officially the master of SSBM. And is SFAss multiplayer any good? Does the Barrel Roll still deflect shots?

SFA’s multiplayer is the best part methinks. the barrel roll DOES deflect, but it DOESN’T avoid most homing shots from players, but it DOES make them have a higher chance to miss.

Who wants me to right up a rant (probably short) on either of these things possibly with tips for 2p?

Characters and abilities
Vehicle pro-cons

I’d love to do either, so come on, indulge me!

I’m SO psyched about this game. I don’t care about ratings and reviews, I want this game! :mrgreen:
I’m getting it tomarrow! Yay!

My advice is to rent it only. That is unless you have several friends that enjoy multiplayer games. The story mode is fun, but has very little replay value and gets boring IMO. I really prefer SF64’s single player, as it is not nearly as linear.


Half of that is copying my advice.

Personally I liked the storyline because it was refreshing to have 64-ish gameplay after adventures.

Seriously? Sorry, I didn’t read the topic very carefully…oh well.


Yeah, I get that.

Interesting, someone else actually got that game.