Starcraft: Ghost

well, i was just wondering. as i was going through some old topics and old pages (like the page with dazzy’s ghost style zergling) and it reminded me of starcraft: ghost. so i went ahead on and whaddayaknow? there was nothing under “Games” saying “Starcraft: Ghost” =( was it cancelled or did the team break off from blizzard or what?

According to Gamespot, it was cancelled, IIRC.

All I can say: YAY is no more W40k rip offs.

It’s not a goddamned ripoff.

And yes, it got cancelled. Which kinda sucks, because the entire point of Ghost was “to segue the story into Starcraft 2 more smoothly”, and so we’re not likely to see SC2 for a while in this case. :\

aww… apperantly blizzard’s attempt at a game for platforms failed, at any rate. hopefully they will either reopen progress on the game, or make another strategy starcraft style game. I, for one, am hoping for the strategy one. I could never get enough of the old starcraft =)

the only game that blizzard have right now is WoW, Blizz is dying… the Diablo Team had gona to Flagship to make Hell’sgate: londom, and the Starcraft was fired because blizz dind’t have money to pay then, then BVG (Buena Vista Games) Brougth almos 35% of Blizz.

its a pity, i love Starcraft and Warcraft…

As long as they have WoW, they’re not going anywhere.

Agreed Daz. WoW is unbelievable popular (IF you can convince your parents to pay or have a job, both which I lack). Ghost was canceled because of the constant change in the team, which led to confusions, chaos, and disorder.

i will only be happy when starcraft 3 get out… and i don’t like WoW, very crappy for me, if i want to play a MMORPG, i would play FF XI…

sharpens battle ax
Anyways, you WON’t be seeing SC3 for a while.

Maybe they can make an expansion pack of starcraft for their expansion pack.A expansion pack for starcraft brood war!

How the hell can you make an expansion pack for an expansion pack? Besides Starcraft is dead in Blizzards eyes.

uhh… i think you mean starcraft 2…

brood war was just the expansion to the original, not a whole new game…

An expansion for that archaic relic wouldn’t sell.

An expansion for one of the most popular games of all time which still has a huge fanbase and is a national sport and which people have been clamoring for more for 10 years wouldn’t sell?

Age isn’t everything.

Err… yes. You obviously forgotten that SC eSports are mainly held in Korea. And lets face it. Its good, but there are SO MANY THINGS introduced into the RTS genre that SC might seem as a cliche. Your “huge fanbase” there is still dwarfed by many other game’s fanbase.

No, it isn’t. It’s THE most popular RTS there is. Period.

More importantly, where the hell did that come from? No one suggested an expansion >_>

You obviously missed the point. It WAS the most popular RTS. You would be hard-pressed to find a still active casual SC player. All the casual players have moved on to more recent RTSs. That is why SC2 or SC:G is so crucial.

Let’s see… myself, RP, Tim, Meph, RME, Unborn, CMK, CAD, Temjin, T2DM, Goofyman, Nim, HumanSnail, CoffeeAngel, DB_Diablo, Karasawa, Minnek, Prothocrice, ChaoSynergy…

I’d be hard-pressed to find a casual player, huh?

And that’s not even going beyond the ones I actively play with–who knows how many OTHERS there are?

Edit: 29,000 players are online on Brood War in US West. That’s not even considering the players on the other servers, or players on vanilla StarCraft.

As they say in the vernacular, “pwnt.”

I heard some high school’s track team are hosting SC Lan parties but still… Daz, you might know a lot of players, but can you come up with cold hard stats that shows that SC is the most played RTS?