starcraft fav race and reason

Favorite Starcraft Race

  • Terran
  • Protoss
  • Zerg
  • Wutz a S74rcr4f7?
  • Who says i have a favorite?
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anyway, my fav is Terran because if its late in the game, I can launch a really badass battlecruiser fleet. :smiling_imp:

I know that general discussion can be whatever, but don’t some of these just seem so pointless? “Ooh! What’s your favorite?” Who cares what your favorite is! What’s next? Your favorite color? Things like this don’t matter, but actual discussion about the game pending does.

Well that’s my opinion anyway, but it does make alot of sense.

Yes favorites really are pointless. To tell you the truth, I don’t CARE what your favorite is, nor does the next person. I don’t CARE whether you think MC is better than Samus.

My best race is Terran btw :slight_smile:

I like amassing large portions of organic extraterrestrials that lack technology yet can warp travel and infest other beings, ultimately controlling the universe with sheer mass.

(That means “Zerg”.)

i wouldnt ever start a favorites topic, but i will post in them never the less.

favorite used to be zerg, and i still switch between it and terran. but terran is more functional in my opinion. im more used to them, and often the outcome of the game depends on me being able to build wherever the hell i want and move buildings around, instead of spreading creep. :confused:

but kudos to the awsome defence and creatures of the zerg. the ‘10 sunken colony defence’ at the Fa$Te$t M@p 3ver is awsome. and whats better than sending 50 upgrade mutalisks over to an oponent :slight_smile: