star wars

anybody here like star wars, and wanna talk episode lll?

ok. one complete scene of Obi Wan and Anakin fighting is completely programmed 3D figures.(3D figures that look real for once). The yoda puppet was cool. why did they get rid of it! :whack: :cry:

JK :laughing:

My friend’s going to Florida in May to see the premiere.

I think it’s A Lost Hope.

(BTW credit to Daz for the link).

Many people hated the new ones especialy the critics, in my opinion I thought they were awsome! Not quite as good as the first ones but still awsome. I think this one may verry well be the best one in terms of lightsaber fighting and visuals thats what i really liked in the new ones the whole visuals and the yoda fight was just awesome, and shouldnt yoda be able to defeat duku easily?

i think this one will be good, but i didn’t especially like Episode: II, but it was still ok.

That site’s a load of crap. January is already long past. I believe the correct release date is May 19, or May something. The subtitle has already been confirmed as Revenge of the Sith.

It was suppoused to be a joke…

The starwars series is horrible, the only semi-good thing about starwars is the one game, “battle front”

I just don’t understand WHY people like starwars, it has a horrible plot, the new ones have bad acting, and most of all iv’e found out that it takes place before our time :imp: :angry:

Dark Vader

Also the Lost Hope thing is making fun of the first Star Wars movie a new hope…

I for one am excited about episode III. :smiley:

That is WAY too big!

I feel stupid now…

how does Star Wars have a bad plot? everything that happens links together, have awesome bad guys, good guys, weapons, and all that crap. to me, i doesn’t have a bad plot, and obviously nobody else thinks so either. oh well, it’s ur opion, don’t want to start a flame war, its just that Star Wars is awesome.(i’m not a fanatic, just defending Star Wars, but like i said, this is all IMO).

star wars is cool.

Cool is an understatement. I can’t wait for the Obi-Wan and Anakin fight. :mrgreen:

if u watch 60 minutes, it said part of the fight with Anakin and Obi-Wan was completey made with fake people (as in, they made by a computer), and it looks very real.

I read that somewhere too…

yep, came directly form a programmers and George Lucas’ mouths’ :mrgreen:!

I’m pretty sure it’s DARTH Vader >_> Unless you’re talking about that video which I never saw…


Boo you. Knights Of The Old Republic is better than Battlefront IMO.

But, that whole part about the Anakin and Obi-Wan fight being completely 3D sounded very interesting. I wonder if anyone will be able to notice it <_<