Star Wars:The Force Unleashed On Wii

So, I was surfin the web, and, being a big Star Wars Fan, I decided to go to So, wondering how their latest game was coming, I checked up on The Force Unleashed. I knew that this was going to be for the PS3 and the 360, but up until 25 minutes ago, they hadn’t announced it for the Wii. It was still being decided. So, I look around, and it turns out that they just announced it for the Wii! I was esctatic. So, I’m just coming out of my seizure over it, and I’m sure as soon as I’m done, another freaking out dance will begin and I’ll make myself look like a total idiot in front of my family. Is anyone else anticipating this game, for any console?

I’ve heard it’s going to be good and I may get it so my friends can play it because, as you may have guessed they’re h-core Star Wars fans as well but I saw a teaser trailer for it and yeah, it doesn’t look half bad.

I’ll buy it. And I really like the concept art.