Star Wars:Empire at War

Basically, just speak your thoughts of Star Wars: Empire at War. Set a few months before the events of Episode 4, A New Hope, Star Wars:EAW pits the very heart of the Empire against the newly formed Rebellion. Will you join the Rebellion, and Liberate the Galaxy, or Join the Empire and Crush this Uprising? The choice is yours. Sorry if that sounded like a sales person, but that is honestly what it’s like. If your familiar with Warcraft 3, this game is pretty similar. You’ll need a pretty good Graphics Card to play it, though. Anyhow, just say your thoughts on the game here!

Well, you don’t actually need a good graphics card… when you start it up, it says you do, but I play it just fine with my crappy one. And if it’s set before A New Hope, then why is Luke in it? (he’s in the hero group of X wings. Red Wing or something?) His special ability is lucky shot, doing heavy damage to large targets.
I like the game. Going from planet to planet, crushing emperial forces with huge fleets is just the highlight of my day.


I love War3. This sounds sexy.

Although if you ask me, the mechanics of this game are completely differant then warcraft. I mean, you don’t harvest minerals, and… well, you just have to play the game. I can’t explain it.

Yeah, I looked it up. It sounds even sexier now. >_>

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My favorite aspect of the game is the space battles… And my advice to you: Take out the docking bey deals first, or the shield generaters THEN the docking bey. The fighters get to be a pain in the ass…

I’ve been playing it for a while now. It’s pretty good, but there are too many things that bug me.

  1. AI is sometimes a bitch. Literally. It spews out guys and does upgrades 10Xs faster than a human player can.

  2. Land battles suck. They’re boring and pointless. You could use auto resolve, but…

  3. Auto resolve is unfair. You lose way too many units and sometimes you lose more men than the battle results screen says.

  4. Speeders are a pain since they don’t have an equivalent on the Imperial side (except for an anti-aircraft walker which isn’t good anyway…)

  5. Fighters own all. Ok, I like the fact that I can get my fighters and a single level 2 station to blow up just about any enemy fleet, but that seems a bit unfair.

  6. On the other hand, troops rock for some reason as well (except if you run them over with a TIE mauler or any other treaded vehicle.)

  7. You can’t kill the Death Star. The only way you beat it is by defeating the enemy fleet while having Red Squadron alive on the map. I wanted to guide my fighters down there and mash some TIEs, but the game forbids it.

I gave it a 7/10. It’s ok, but there are too many annoying traits about it.

Don’y flame me for this, but I hate all Star Wars games… :sweat:

…And the point of posting that is? It doesn’t add to the topic, and it’s a pretty poor generalization, considering Star Wars games cover a huge variety of genres and probably have games you’ve never heard of (such as Dark Forces (DOS)). You’re only asking to be flamed there, and saying “Don’y flame me for this” doesn’t change anything.

The point is that he’s desperate to regain as much of his useless postcount as he can, obviously.

That sounds like Warcraft 3… :laughing:

I haven’t played about it, and Don’y flame me, but I’m not a fan of Star Wars games, so I don’t really care about this game, but that just stood out as really similar to War3.

I found the AI on warcraft 3 to be very un-bitchy, unless of course you mean it in such a way as they completely destroy you all the time. That’s differant…

And the cost of auto-resolve? You lose ten times as many units as you would normally. I never auto-resolve. They had to do something to make sure that you didn’t always auto-resolve. If the auto-resolve AI is worse then you, then you’re more inclined to try it yourself.

Yeah, I have to say that as long as my hangar is still intact, I can pretty much win hands-down. The AI is usually too stupid to take that out first, not realizing that it will cause more damage then the turbolaser batteries…

I really haven’t noticed if the computer upgrades and builds stuff faster then me. I suppose it doesn’t really matter if I always kill them anyway…
And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the rebel speaders… they kinda suck. They kill things slower then a slow slow thing, can’t run anything over, get destroyed before they are put to any kind of good use… They’re basically only good for scouting, or making barriers to protect buildings or units. Which they are surprisingly good at. And I don’t know if you know this, but AT-AT’s can stomp on units, too. I’m not so sure about AT-ST’s, though. I don’t think so…

And completely unrelated to anything, the best freakin’ thing is taking Courascant as the second or third planet. Meaning in Galactic Conquest mode or whatever. Not the story mode…

Yeah, I know AT-ATs can step on things. When you fight troops, that’s the only effective way of handling them.

And the speeders? Yes, they do suck, but I’ll tell you something cool: Use them on auto resolve. Hell, raid with 3 squadrons and you’ll take down ANY defense. It’s funny. The auto resolve works based on numbers (hitpoints vs. attack points) and also of effectiveness. Since the only two things effective against speeders are the turrets and AT-AAs (and because the computer can’t buld turrets in auto resolve) you’ll win just about every match so long as they don’t have an at-aa squad.

Heh, that’s an interesting strategy… not to mention I don’t really care if a bunch of speeders die…

Cool, thanks for that, that’ll save a lot of time in those pointless land battles.