Star Fox 64 Engine Test

This is an engine test for my Starfox 64 type game. I was originally going to base it off of the first Starfox, but after getting Starfox 64, I changed my mind.

Screenshot (version 1.1, with a few changes…):

It’s in rails mode, so you can’t really turn around. I’ll work on all-range mode after I’m done with rails…

Features in latest version:
simple shooting
barrel roll
better model

Known glitches:
*ugly sky box

Version 1.3

Please, if you could tell me what needs improvement (which is not a list of missing features, BTW), it would be gladly appreciated. Thank you.


Wow, this is awesome man … great progress. I cant wait to see it finished…

I thought the boost should be a little bit faster … not too much, but a bit faster than that.

It was kind of difficult to shoot the targets, it felt like the collision detection was too tight and the range of fire is too short.

A minor glitch with the loop where the camera pitches a little too far up after the Arwing comes back down.

Everything else is perfect … please dont stop working on this, if you release the engine .gm6 I might even use it to make my own fan-game.

Good luck.

wow, that looks really good!

Yeah, but you know how you somersault? You can’t see yourself at around the end of the loop. In the actual StarFox games, you don’t really have much flying freedom. You go up to the top of the screen and letting go of the control stick will bring you down. I.E. I press up. My Arwing goes up. I release up. My arwing goes back to normal.

I don’t remember that… referring to coming back down. When you go up, you stay there until you (1) press something to come down, (2) get hit, or (3) you lost a wing or two…

About the somersault problem with the camera, I will fix it by the next version…

keep at it, even though it might become discouraging, or something might seem funner. add the other functions like shooting and the such and then i’ll like it! :smiley: otherwise, its turning out great!

the flip (forgot real name) camera is extremely bad, the boost should be more boosty, you might think about making inverse controls of what you have, and mouse controls would be interesting. also, barrell roll migh be advised as a double tap of side keys.

thats pretty much all, its very impressive!

I remember this too, also holding forward against the ground (not an obstable) would level you out so you dont collide with the ground.

No idea what Smartdude and Pomegrenate are talking about. You can shoot by pressing X, you can barrel roll by tapping A or S twice and the Loop Camera glitch has been mentioned and responded.

Did you guys download the right file? Download v1.2b.

Slightly updated…

This thing is awesome! Just make the level loop by jumping back to the start.

Wow! This game is pretty cool, seeing as I actually own StarFox64, I can’t wait to see what else you’ll add.

I’d like to point something out though. I think the dialogue goes too fast.