squirrels catching fire...

me and some friends were heading up to the lunenburg golf course (Nova Scotia)
and we were listining to a radio station where they were talking about how squirrels were running across power lines and catching fire, then falling into stuff like bushes and woods and starting forest fires… we found it halarious… what do you guys think about this whole squirrel thing?


i know!, we were laughing the whole way there

Not surprised. But if that was true that would shut me up.

it is true, some one had a fire at their house that was caused by a burning squirrel

Well in that case I’ll shut up.

shuts up -_-

wait… i dont get it, ya lost me

Check post #4 it says

but why would it shut you up? thats what im confused about

It means that he would feel compassionate towards the chipmunks. So he would stop making fun of them. Right?

OMG dudes… It was just a expression :sweat:
Don’t make such a big deal out of it…

Not exactly. I meant that I would stop laughing because I’m laughing about it sounding crazy. So if it was true I’d have nothing to laugh about anymore therfore it would shut me up.

Any Questions?

Yes, are you always that confusing? Or do you chill out once and a while?

I do not know about the rest of you, but I found his wording to be perfectly understandable. Perhaps you should attempt a class in English or something.

And you should attend a class in “shut the hell up”.

lol j/k

Edit: Actually -058-, in the way he said it, he could have meant 2 different things.

huh… i just wanted to find out if others found it as funny as i did…

No, not you. I was talking about MetroidMaster

i know, but what i ment was i didnt think it would end up in a discussion like this

No I’m not this confusing all the time. I do chill out a lot (if it wasn’t for explaning stuff It would be near all the time).

Oh and what else could that mean. Honestly, it’s pretty understandable what I meant…

sigh This discussion is going nowhere, and it’s not about burning squirrels anymore…