I was wondering since i am new in the gamemaker how do you make sprites in the gamemaker?

use Paint, it’s better.

Or Pixen. iof you have a mac which I doubt you do.

I have windows but can you use pixen for windows xp?

Do you have to draw sprites?

yeah, but it’s easy, just zoom in, choose the line or plygon tool, then draw. jill in w/ color, and you can mess around w/ that for better quality sprites.

or, you can hack a preexisting sprite by loading it w/ paint.

You mean you have to draw Samus on your own cause can’t even draw a person.

Allways start out by editting and recoloring sprites. But not just a recolor. They suck…

But where do you get the sprites to color?

this is an example

my sprite

hope it helps

…that…is…realy, really bad…
No offence… but take ONE sprite and then fool around with it.

It helps but how do you make it an easy way and perfect.Like make it and make it look like Samus from Super Metroid.

well, I am still learning meself. anyway, that’s for an example of hacking, I’ve done others.

dark samus super style

dark samus ZM style

edit: get them from the shy guy kingdom. look it up on google.

I went to the shy guy kindom and all the sprites were on paper and not seperated.

then save to pictures, then use the select tool (top right) to select a sprite, then copy 'n paste onto a seperate area for frankenstein-style hacking. :smiling_imp:

Where does it say select tool?

it’s the dotted square outline doohickey thingamabobamajiggeroo. holding the cursor over an icon shows its use.

Where is the square in the picture or in the folder and if your talking about mac i have windows xp.

left sidebar


Is your Dark Samus sprites just recolored sprites :confused: