Sprite sheets go in here

In here you can post your very own sprite sheets. If anyone is wondering where to find p2d sprite sheets, this is where those sprite sheets are. :smiley:

Graphics Board
Are you an artist? Want to be? Come on in here and post your stuff, learn from others, or just oggle at the bootyness of our stuff.

And P2D sprite sheets are not distributed to the general public, or they’re posted in the topics up top.

Why are you so thick, just out of interest?

Lol, sorry for this, but you’re just popping in, and posting “the” sprite thread like you own the place.

Anyway, if you want to post/see sprites like Timmeh see, check the bootyness of the graphics board.

As was said:

P2D sprites are in the Workplace (visible to you only once you’ve shown us that you’re working on something for the game).

Everything else is in the graphics board.

Therefore, I shall lock this.