Sprite sheets for p2d

Hey everyone. I uh, am not good at making sprite sheets. I am only good at editing sprite sheets. :sweat: Anyway, here you can post your very own sprite sheets for suits, maps, bosses, items, and enemies! :slight_smile: Oh and when making maps and putting in items, make sure that it is possible to get to the items. You can’t just hack through walls you know! Have fun! The more sprite sheets, the better!

Well, that’s pretty much what the progress board is for…

So if you have sprites and stuff, you can post them there.

uhm… i think the progress board doesn’t show up for non-team members. oh wait, thats another board.

I love that red X under your user name it’s so funny! Anyway, I need some sprites to edit! Must…edit…sprites! :angry:

Cunning. You made a topic to steal sprites and edit them. Go google Super Metroid or something…

Well they did had alot of sprites sheets at the main site but they took that off away, since people where stealing the sprite sheets and using them in their art.