Sprite list

I wanted to know if there was a sprite list of what was not started,abandoned,in progress,and complete?if there was tell me.

i think theres one over at www.samus.co.uk

Yeah, on the old forum. By now, everything is already done, so we dont need to worry about that. Mabye this should be locked?

This topic is over a month old … >_> Aren’t you the one always yelling at necroposters? Way to go. XD

Yeah, i usually am. I just felt that this should be locked, not that it’s taking up space on the forum or anything. I was just worried a noob would come by and think this was still important.

However, i still did bump and old topic. I wont do it again.

There is a Graphics Board

…This topic is almost a year old. And you resurrected it with your first post since my PM to you about topic necromancy.

With a completely useless post that adds nothing to the conversation, even.

Nor does it even make sense contextually.