Here’s a funny scene that popped in my head. I promptly thought Eh, what the hell and went ahead and made it with sprites.

Ah, Mega Man. Shouldn’t you have learned that you should NEVER joke about that with Samus? XD

Edit: Dammit. Angelfire’s being a bitch. You can view it HERE (this one reccomended) or HERE if the image doesn’t work for you.

Edit 2: Fixed the image, hopefully for good

ahhahaha as i said on msn:

Jetman123 diz:
I think I’m gonna post that on P2D
Knuckle ##FalconPunch team## diz:
take a good swin in this acid pool megaman !!

you could realy start a comic… nothing serious, at least not too serious


I’ve gotten a fair number of ideas, actually, for more jokes involving what happens when Mega Man meets Samus. And a lot of them are like this. XD

Maybe I will start a comic… I mean, I don’t have a ton of imaging ability but hey, I can whip up something basic.


Yet another sprite-gag from yours truly.

I actually stole borrowed the idea from a child-oriented cartoon called Ned’s Newt that I watched when I was a small child. It was hilarious. It featured a blue newt named Newton (go figure) that transformed into a giant, shape-shifting, absolutely INSANE comedy-making blue thing. Among all the jokes on the show, the one about slow motion stood out, and I haven’t forgotten it to this day…

Ned and Newton are running in slow motion
Ned: Why are we running in slow motion?
Newton: distorted and slow Iiiiiittt’sss mooooooreee draaaamaaaatiiic thiiiiiis waaaaaaaaay…

So, I thought, why not remake it in a Mega Man and Samus style? XD

hehehe, that’s a good one, you should start a comic!

No offense, but I’ve seen funnier…

And I’m not just trying to be a jerk. The Slow Motion thing is kind of clich’ed (not to mention it would be at least a little funnier in animation @_@) and the first one was only a slight giggle :confused:

-Not like I should be listened to v_v-

Don’t worry, I can take courteous critisism. I wasn’t aware that slow-motion was cliched very much.

Maybe I should animate it…

On another note, I did do a few experimental comics - I dunno if I’ll take it anywhere, yet.

Yet another sprite gag. FEAR THE ANIMATEDNESS!!

Okay, this joke might not be funny unless you:
A. Have played Super Mario Land for the Game Boy
B. Are listening to this song as you watch. (Note: It will return a 403 error. Just click on the hyperlink that it gives you. Sorry, no other way to do it that’s available to me right now.)

Got it loaded up and playing? Good. Now scroll down.




… apparently less people have played Super Mario Land than I thought. Oh well, here’s the explanation:

At the end of every level in Super Mario Land, you go to a weird mutli-layer sewer thing as a bonus game. Mario flashes in sequence in each sewer. Basically, it’s like a slot machine with one reel - as soon as you press A, he stops and gets the upgrade at the end of whatever lane he stops on. The numbers are extra lives, the fire flower is an upgrade.

So, I thought, what if, by some dimensional weird thingamabober happening, some OTHER character went through Super Mario Land’s events? I mean, for Mario, the bonus game has to be pretty darn normal, what with all the other crap that always happens to him, but for someone else, wouldn’t you be going “WHAT THE HELL” if you suddenly found yourself flashing in sequence between several layers extremely rapidly?

Hence this gag. XD

(Shoulda replied sooner) Yeah I have that game, it’s the bonus at the end. Hmmm… but normally Megaman is associated (fan-made rivals) with Samus not Mario. Very creative thinking though :slight_smile:

Alright, this is, and will probably always be, a topic for my sprite-gags, but I AM a newbie spriter. I’ve created a sprite sheet of the U.S M16A4 assault rifle (the M16 is standard issue for US riflemen, though they usually carry M16A2’s rather than A4’s - A2’s have no full-auto feature), and since I can’t make another topic, I’ve decided to post it here to get some feedback.

Please keep in mind that this is my first custom sprite. Constructive critisism is welcomed and encouraged, but PLEASE don’t flame me for being new to the world of spriting.

Yeah, the handgrip looks wonky. I just can’t seem to fix it >_<. Any help?

Hey, I have a ton of weapon sprites from Madness Combat (and of course they’re from scratch! >_<)
Nice first try. Heres my advice: thin out the main body of the gun (aka, move the bottom line upwards). With the handle, it looks wonky because it isn’t tilted towards the left. Here’s my old MC rifle for your reference.

Great, thanks! I followed your advice, and have fixed up my sprites a bit. Here they are:

Thanks very much for the advice - it helped a lot.

On another note, there comes a time for most gamers when they pull out the old NES and play a few retro games - and mine happened a few days ago. Now, don’t get me wrong, Super Mario Bros. was a great game, but it got a little repetivive and frustrating. Anyway, I needed to vent a little, and I wanted to make a new sprite-gag, too, so I made one involving Mega Man going through the ol “our princess is in another castle” routine countless times until… well, I can’t tell you that, it’ll ruin the surprise!

I’m not sure if I should post it here, though - it’s a little MSpainty-gory and has two swears in it (the A-word and S-word, one use each). Do you think it will be acceptible?

Edit: Alright, after getting a couple of second opinions through MSN, I’m pretty sure it’s acceptible enough. Be warned, however - some violence and swearing ahead.

That’s so funny!

that was original…

Ahhhh, but does it have to be completely original to be funny, grasshopper?