Sprite Duels

Um, I already made a topic in the graphics section so I can’t make another there so I’ll make it here.
Will sprite duels be happening around here? I love them and really want to start a few. Chess board ones are my favourite. So, is anyone up to it?

What’s a sprite duel?

If it’s fun, I’m in!


Oh, they’re fun alright. In the chess board kind, One person starts with a chess board and makes an incomplete sprite scene inside that block. The second person fills in with an adjacent block and continues the scene. Total randomness is the point. They’re sooooo fun and cooperative!

You can have multiple topics there, just not multiple sprite showoff topics.

Thanks. You learn somethin every day! :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoever wants to challenge me, just say so! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll start it off:
Chess board

Just name the link to the next board: New, or Newer. Just add one more er every time it comes your turn to add a block! :smiley:

you mean like this, right?



EDIT: Oops! I didn’t realise the date… (Massive bumped…)


No bump. You added to duel. It shouldn’t count as a bump.


Turned Counter Strike! O_O

dude ur member number!!!

I think i might suck at this. im not good at adding to stuff that other people mad

Yep, at that time, I had 6 posts, and I’m the 666th member… Purely COICIDENCE! I SWEAR! O_O

Anyways I didn’t try too hard on this, and I think it did okay compaired to everything else, so I think you can go ahead and add on… I guess.


It doesn’t matter. This is just a fun game. No one ever puts much effort into it. The key here is pure randomness.

Can somebody continue the deul i have the need to make another one.

Alright… sounds good!

And here’s my next addition:

Lol, man that rocks.


I call dibs on that light browninsh green square to the right of the red dragon!