Sprite contest

Sprite contest time! I won’t be judging, but participating this contest. I’d like AlphaEva, Luminous Reaver and Phazon Yoshi to compete (please) and settle on a theme and a style. It will last a fortnight, starting the 17th November till the 1st December. Everybody is allowed to judge, and a poll will need to be created to designate the winner. I’ll suggest a metal-slug style character in the kirby universe. No previously made sprites are allowed in the contest, otherwise it’ll be an immediate disqualification. No sprite stealing. No fixed size. My suggestion is a wild example. It’s not the definite thing. Good luck!

(EDITNot Phazon Yoshi, but XMegadragon. Beg your pardon PY.)

Not even if I PM them? Or if I set a theme and style, instead of asking them? Or are you going to give me some advice on how to organise a better sprite contest? Please tell me if you do, I’ll edit my first post.

Holy crap.
Someone wants ME to compete in a sprite contest?
There’s only one possible reason, they want a definate last place, so noone else feels bad.
I’ll perform a public service, then.

Aw, c’mon… Practice makes perfect, and rapid-fire Dazuro comments. I’ll be happy if you at least try. Maybe I meant XMegadragon. My mistake. Sorry.

Zem Dee is good.
I’m… not, I just don’t have the patience, I want it to leap fully formed and dance a little jig on my keyboard, but it ends up loking like crap.

I’ve seen sprite contests work before. Just get enough people to participate and decide on a theme and deadline. You’ll have to do more than just list their names here, though, to get them to join in.

I’ll join :smiley:
I need to learn how to sprite properly anyway.


So, I’m being talked about behind my back? o.o

Nice to see that, I guess. :angry:

I fogots to tell you…

Oh, you actually answered… I thought you never would… Butch’s sprites really pissed me off, but in a good way. Need. More. Practice. We’ll need to decide on a theme: I suggest were-wolves. Any style, custom style, and I’ll give you until Xmas. If Butch wants to come in, he’s welcome. /.\

We really need a theme.
Who’s up for demons made of jello in a semi realistic style?

Megaman X and Zero already beat ya to that. >_>

Ugh… DEFINITELY NOT Megaman. So many sprites are MM-X style it makes me want to puke/.. Not interested in werewolves? And what about the others? Are you falling asleep or just very busy thinking, because without a theme, there is no sprite contest :angry:

*EDIT: There’s a jello demon in a Megaman game… and in C:Portrait of ruin… GRRR… (-but then there are werewolves in almost any games :laughing: )

Hmm… I don’t have any good ideas. <_<

If someone thinks up of a good one though, I’ll participate.

Ah, thanks for saying so. Just suggest anything that could be quite fun to do. Play games or look at some artworks for games or films, they’re usually a great source of inspiration. Remember: I’m leaving you till Xmas, so do try and get some ideas a fortnight before the deadline. That way you’ve loads of time to polish your work. But for now, brainstorm. Godspeed.

Yeah I’m really up for this, but there’s still no theme. :confused:
I’m not so good with ideas, either.

How about your own version of the PowerThrist can or bottle?

I can do that :smiley:

LOL Powerthirst, Gaythirst or Babythirst? Yeah, that and an SD fighting character based on your avatar or yourself, with his bulked up Powerthirst/Gaythirst/Babythirst 2nd form XD. That actually sounds quite funny. KICK HER IN THE FACE WITH ENERGY LEGS.

EDIT If it really doesn’t inspire you, I’ll put a set theme and style, but I don’t want that to happen. Give random ideas: this isn’t something dead serious or formal. Another suggestion: A skin for McCoy’s future GIF animator. Seriously you don’t need to think hard. 05/11/07 I’m going to set a theme and style if there isn’t an unanimous vote. So please think up ideas.