anyone play sports? (assuming your in high school i guess)

i do i wrestle! :angry: and i make this face! (this face looks constipated! LOL!)

baseball, play all other sports with friends.

cool. i like baseball, though im horrible at it. i cant throw… catch… aim… or hit a ball very well! the only thing i can do is run. :[
so i dont play it that often.

If anyone considers tae kwondo a sport, then yes I do. Almost a black belt :sunglasses:

i used to do karate… meh i quit a while ago though…

Hockey,I’m the Goalie :smiley:

Lol, im friggin 6’2 and dont play basketball, though everyone asks me to. My sports would be Supersmashbros, and band.

I like boxing without gloves under influence of alcohol. Does that count?

of course it counts! :smiley: i wish i could play hockey, but my school doesnt have a team for it. thats what happens when you live in CA. im 5’4" i cant play basketball :frowning: but meh i hate basketball anyways. (mainly cause i suck at it)

i dont like basketball too much… i sometimes play a lil football with my friends. ive never thought about joining the school team though.

i like foot ball too. to me its more of a game than a sport. your in for a couple plays, and then you sit on the bench a lot. you get breaks throughout the game. wtf! and people say football is the hardest sport. i would join cause its fun, if i wasnt in a sport.

If you’re talking about marching band, then I consider that a sport. I did it last year, but it was too much work. All my friends are in band though so I’m still mildly in the know of such things.

Why do americans call the sport where you hold the ball with your hands “football”, and the sport where you kick the ball “soccer”? :confused:

The average American IQ is 90. 'Nuff said.

I dunno. My dad’s always making fun of them for it. And i guess marching band is a sport. I should play basketball, but im just to lazy. And the average american IQ. Hmmm…40, my estimate. Im not american born, i just live here, so i know what your talking about.

BTW, americans, dont take offense to that.